How many yoyos is enough?

Yeah same here I play 1a 2a 4a and 5a I’m out of response for 4a for 1a last pair left of pads. I will have to get silicone soon.

I was like that for 2 or 3 years. I loved the simplicity of the yoyo helped fill in the lameness of everyday life cycles.

I have four right now. But you need to have that one really good one. Quality over quantity in my books.

this honestly sounds exactly like me. Except my beat KLR is silver and blue.

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In the words of John Connor from Terminator 2: “Uh, all of 'em, I think.”

Ahhhhh Grasshopper, a question best answered by each for ones self and never for someone else.

Can you discover meaning in the following?

Ice Bank Mice Elf. (from Cheese-it commercial)

Easy there…

My problem is that I like fixed axle and you need variety in that world.

You need to have options since some are better for certain styles over others.

The idea of having only one or two yoyos is strangely appealing to me, but I’d be hard pressed to narrow it down to “the One.” I used to collect for uniqueness and variety, but now I don’t consider a yoyo to be a keeper if it couldn’t be “the One.” I mean, if my house burns down, or the apocalypse begins, or I’m abducted by aliens, I need to be sure the yoyo in my pocket is one I’ll be happy with long term, right?

“Throw rich” is a good philosophy though. I can’t afford to have the top-of-the-line in many things, but with yoyos, I can afford the absolute best in the world.

If I had to choose just one yoyo to grab before my house burned down, I would die of smoke inhalation. I have it down to a top 3, with 4 each of those 3. So 12 is my minimum.

i have had points in time where i have had close to (if not) over 40, and times where i have had 4-7 at most

i got 7-8 new yoyos from MWR (i won a few, before you freak out lol)

i would say if i have a competition set for 1a, and a yoyo for each style, im set! (not at all the case today, but you get the idea lol)

but even though im a former state champ, im mostly in it for the fun, so i like to support my favorite players/companies by buying their stuff.

it is a (competitive) toy, after all ::slight_smile: :wink: