Looking for a good undersized throw

Background info: About a month ago, I got a Yuuksta. I absolutely love it. I love it more then my CLYW avalanche and my SPYY punchline. I was wondering if any of you friendly folks out there could recommend me a good undersized throw?

H-shape (Doesn’t have to be but I like H-shape better)
Accepts flowable silicon
C sized bearing (preferred, but A sized is acceptable)

Thanks for your help guys!

Wooly Marmot all the way. It is undersized, and comes stock with flowable silicone and a c sized bearing. It is butterfly shaped, but don’t not get this yoyo because of that. Out of this, my Gnarwhal, Bear vs Man, Protostar, SPYY Addiction, and DV888, this is by far my main throw. It knocks the ball out of the park in everything from smoothness to grinds. The only thing not great is that it’s pretty tilty, but the good outweighs the bad with this yoyo.

Yeah ok thanks! I will definitely look into the wooly marmot ;D.

Any other sugestions?

The Hectic might be worth looking at.
Yay an excuses to pull up my old review on my YoYoFactoy Hectic SB.

Oh ok that looks really nice too. Hmm… its half the price too lol. thanks I’ll consider that!

Marmot is really nice. it’s my main atm also.
Regulus fits everything u want. It’s also an amazing throw, i did a short review of it in the review section.
might like a yyf boss, I love that throw too.
but the regulus is hshape, smooth as butter, relatively stable (strangely enough) fast floaty and light. accepts flowable, c size bearing, THE ONLY down side imo is the finish is kinda sticky, the gap could be like .2 or .3 smaller but it’s not that big of a deal. But yeah it’s a super good undersized.
I would say look into the regulus, u won’t be disappointed and not many people have em. everytime someone throws mine they are like “OMG i must get one, i thought they sucked!”
if u got the cash look into the yyr undersized throw.

I’ll second that my BOSS is great the only reason I didn’t bring it up is that I didn’t think it was very “H” shaped.

Yeah agreed. I just had to toss it in there. Good price for a great throw.

I have narrowed it down to the battosai, quark, boss, jazz-yo regulus, and the pacquiao. Any idea on which ones I should get?

Quark is so much fun! Nothing bad to say about that throw. Love it. Also, I know you’ve narrowed your choices down, but the YYF 44 is ridiculous. It’s not H shaped, it has CBC pads, I know you’re not interested in those things, but seriously it’s amazing. Spins forever, no vibe, so smooth, grinds forever. Until I got an Avalanche the 44 was my fav throw. And you can get it stacked if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

I love the Smoove myself. So if your not a Yomega hater then you might consider that one to. Though it’s more of a rounded shape than an H shape.

i tried crosswhite’s it really is buttah smooth, extremely stable and sleeps long

  • YYF Popstar
    YYJ Axiom
    YYF Rockstar (not sure if it’s undersized or not)
    YYF Yuuksta

Thats all I can come up with off the top of my head that I think might fit your criteria…

Uhm, the campfire is definitly an oppsion.
Also maybe the dingo because of its width, although it has a larger gap.