have 130 for a new yoyo


Getting a new yoyo, limit is $130. Im looking at a BvM, Ethenos, and a Dang. Any suggestions?


They’re all excellent yo yos!

Narrow it down to 2 yos and then flip a coin.


the upcoming xcube zeus, tried it at french nats, another beast

(laxdude99) #4

I’d get the Dang its such a good yoyo


Great news is you can’t go wrong with any of these :slight_smile:


yea no matter what you get, you will be satisfied ;D


For $130(ish) I love the Stampede. A fantastic yoyo, especially if you like grind tricks!


trust me, we’re a few days away from the next Xcube release (Zeus), I tried it, it’s worth the wait

but you can’t go wrong with the stampede either.


Entheos is a real great throw. Helped assemble them, there great!




Get what you want, don’t let us pick for you. Only YOU know what you want.

That being said, I would personally go with the Entheos.



Ethenos is out of running, since it’s undersized. :-[ Now looking at Torrent II


BvM is out, Sasquatch is in

(Shaneola) #15

Well my opinion is. My Dang outplayed my Avalanche. Everyone says Avalanche outplays Sasquatch…so…Dang.




= out of stock




Nothing wrong with a Fools’ Gold and a T-shirt.


I did not buy my Regulus stock, got it from the BST. I noticed that one drop flow groove pads fit in them perfectly, so I slapped those in. It’s really not that hard to change response.

and also, I have never found my regulus to precess. Maybe it has someting to do with the response that you didn’t change. My regulus is about the most stable yoyo I own, never changing planes and what not.