120$ to spend. What should I get.

Again silicon and a konkave make a huge difference, yo.cat even said it themself.

I have a Chief and while it’s smooth as silk I may still prefer my Avalanche. With the Avalanche, everything is perfect. Everything is just right. You ask it to do something and it does. I love that throw.

I’ll have to give it a try sometime, even though I don’t care for KKs.

It’s true, just change the response and it’s amazing. slapping a KK didn’t seem to affect it that much for me though. I run it with a KK anyways.

Now I really want to try one.

This is exactly what I read and was told by others. The question as to why the manufacturer did not already do this comes to mind. I mean come on, these have been in the stores for over a year and they still ship with a response system that the manufacturer KNOWS stinks?

Lets face it, the Regulus sits on the shelf. So if it is so great with another response, why doesn’t the manufacturer take them back and install this wonderful new response that makes it a beast?

That is precisely the reason I returned mine. I paid $110 = for a yoyo that
a) does not work as shipped.
b) would be much better if I installed $5-10 worth of new stuff.

Obviously, the manufacturer is paying more attention to his bottom line than his customer’s satisfaction. If the Regulus is so good - then then Jazz-Yo should pay to put them right - not me.

Yo.cats said that they put so much effort into the actual yoyo, that they had to cut some corners on the guts.

I’m not familiar with their product line.

I’d be willing to buy a yoyo that I’d have to supply a bearing for(not an axle, that needs to be included), and putting silicone into the response groove IF they are up front about it. I mean, I’d rather buy a new bearing or use an existing one I have laying around rather than buy a yoyo and have to toss the bearing out because it’s a piece of junk. But even that is pushing it.

The way I see it, it should be fine out of the box with the exception of perhaps the bearing needing to be cleaned and/or lubed. To me that’s normal.

You would still need to pay in the overall cost of the yoyo, besides is it that hard to shave an o-ring. The regulus is such a great yoyo it is worth the effort, IMO.

Lots of the older High End yoyos came with “crappy” crappy response systems. The Aurora and Helix by NSCO are both 200$, but they they came with pretty crappy response. Lots of really good yoyos came with pretty bad response.

Plus half the people who buy them silicone there yoyos anyways.

Might as well. I find it works better than most stock responses anyways.

I like how you feel the yoyo “roll” up the string.

Yup. It’s very satisfying! You KNOW it’s binding and going to come back.

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I hate how pads “jump” up the string, I hurts too.

I don’t have that problem. Your throw must be a lot stronger than mine. I will say my small bearing bassalope can sometimes come back at me with quite a snap though. I got Duncan Silicone stickers in there.

Can’t go wrong with a yyf 888x. For a heavier throw, I would definetly recomend a g5 or genesis. The avant garde is also an amazing throw if u wanna fork out the extra cash. Ay of those three are good heavy throws.

Hmm…this thread has me desiring a Regulus pretty intensely.

get the trident

Get a Onedrop Burnside and take save yourself $30. Amazingly good throw and only $90. It would be $120 from anyone else.

You want side effects? - get the Code 1. Awesome throw. You cannot go wrong with that one.

If you want CLYW - Avalanche is better than the Sasquatch - and different than the BvM. I LOVE BvM; it is just a completely different yoyo than the Avalanche. Your choice, both are awesome; either is great. If you got the $ - get them both.

Other than that:

  1. CLYW Gnarwhal - if you can find one.
  2. General Yo - Enthenos. Almost a perfect yoyo; for its size.