High end metal.

So, I’m ready to buy my first high end metal. I would rather not get a yoyojam, or yoyofactory, but If you know of a yoyo you think is perfect for what I’m looking for feel free to go ahead and post. This is what I’m looking for, a stable long spinning yoyo that will be really fun! I would not like to spend more than 100, but again if you know of a yoyo that is more still feel free to post it, I’d love to hear it. I dont have a preference on size, but I don’t really think I want a huge, or tiny ( you can be the judge of what is huge and tiny) and I also think I want something kind of fast, but still some weight to it. I have no bias, just tell me what you love. (some yo-yos I’m looking into are mm next, y factor, avalanche, 44, g5, supernova lite.)

the one drop 54 is definetly to me better than all of ur suggestions…

its medium sized its fast and has side effects so u can change ur weight…

all for $100

I have to agree. The 54 is amazing. But so is the MMN and the YFactor. The Avalanche is also an amazing throw

I have the Spyy Pro and Supra, both at 67.5 grms and both fast. Also the String Theory Quark which is an excellent throw. All around 100 bucks and long spinning.

  1. Has side effects that can change weight and rotate.

Trust me go with one of these :wink:

If you have a taste for solid yoyos, might I suggest the Sasquatch? It’s simply amazing :smiley:

54 would be a good choice though :slight_smile:

The 54 is good, but I would recommend the Supra or Pro.


Avalanche is my personal favorite. I love it’s good amount of speed and pure smoothness.

OneDrop 54, Sideeffects are too good. Avalanche would be amazing as well if you don’t mind the $15 difference.

I’d Prefer the SPYY Addiction or Pro.
Its great But 54 is pretty good as well

SPYY anything is going to be good, I would get a pro if you want V shapes or an addiction if you want a round more organic shape.

Avalanche is good too as people are saying but I think it’s just the “new hawtness” I like my addiction better.

I agree. I just went through making this decision a couple months ago.
I think you should get a 54. its is the smoothest yoyo I have ever tried. It can play fast or slow depending on which side effects you put in. I like to play with the lighter side effects because they are fast and still stable. It is a stable yoyo to. I recommend you check out some websites that have reviews. Google yoyo blogs to find some reviews.

another good yoyo is the avalanche I was only able to try it for a few minutes but was amazed by its unresponsiveness ,but it is not as smooth as a 54. It is also a good choice. I have heard the spyy pro is good too.

If you want smoothness, speed, and a curved shape get the 54. If you want unresponsiveness and speed get an avalanche. If you want a v-shape get the pro. I recommend the 54

Sorry, changed my mind. Avalanche against a 54 though, I’d say 54. All details above.