One drop 54


I was wondering if I should get the One Drop 54.
I was planning on getting a Yoyofactory Supernova but I dont know if I should get this instead.


Personnally I would pick up my supernova before 54 but that is all my opinion what do you like the supernove is fast heavy and stable but a little fast but not super. The 54 is a bit faster lighter and not as stable I love my supernova for sale/ trade btw. haha shameles advertising


I have the 54. It’s a great yoyo. I have the stock aluminum spikes. It plays amazing, comfortable and super smooth It’s not one of my Top 5, but it’s a Top 10 for sure. I say that because I have other stuff I like even more, which would include a Code 1.

I can’t compare with the Supernova, but it appears to me that the Supernova is a metal Protostar/Northstar. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Protostar or Northstar, as I have both of those plastic yoyos. So, all I could imagine is that the Supernova would also play similar to both the Protostar/Northstar, probably closer to that of the Northstar based on the weight.

The Supernova is currently a yoyo that I’m not personally interested in owning right now. I’ve got a dv888 and a Mighty Flea, and overall, I just haven’t been taking a lot of time to check out YYF metals. That shouldn’t influence your decision, as YYF makes a lot of good stuff. Then again, One Drop stuff is amazing too.

Go 54!


The 54 is one of my favorite yoyo’s. But it depends what you’re looking for. The 54 is probably not as stable as the Supernova, but I like it more. I tend to prefer that shape of yoyo over the H-Shape yoyo’s though. I use the 54 when I’m having fun with tricks that I already know pretty well. If I’m practicing something brand new, I’ll usually start with something more stable.


I was thinking about this same thing… maybe you should go for the Supernova Lite, its fast, stable, and has a great price tag. As for the 54 it’s not as stable, but has a great size if you like full sized throws


I have both of these.

The basic difference is the open-gap and extra-width of the supernova. With these it will be easier to land strings and loops. The width will give stability - but at the price of being less maneuverable and a bit more float - especially when moving in and out of strings.

If I were to get one - I would pick the 54. It is one of the best all-around yoyos there is. Learning with it will make you a better player.

If you already have a good organic throw (traditional shape - think 54, Y-Factor, 888, Canvas) then I would try out the Supernova. I replaced the stock YYF bearing in mine with a General-Yo AIGR bearing and it is one of my favorite yoyos.

Good thing about your choice: you can’t go wrong, both are fabulous yoyos.