I can't make a decision

I can’t decide between the one drop chik the yyf superstar and the yyf supernova. I know that is a lot but please help me, I am relatively advanced. I like lots of very fast tech, good for horizontal and good for grinds. Also really long sleep times. Thank you so much for the help. ??? :’(

Chik. It’s a better burnside.

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I can only spend under 100 dollars

The chik is under $100?

the supernova is one of my favorite throws I’ve ever tried. I just really like it.

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Wait nvm I was looking at the add $15 one. Sorry

The Chik is $88 if you buy a solid color, it is a pretty good throw and completely worth more than it is priced at.

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Any thoughts on the 44 or superstar??

The new superstar is amazing but I’d pass on the 44. It’s like a worse version of the 888 in my opinion

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So it’s between the chick the superstar and the supernova. I need something thats really solid and really stable. And also something pretty durable. Thanks for all of the help

Here’s my order if preference

  1. chik - I like this yoyo because its very stable plays fast and can have a nice change in weight with side effects it is a nice size. And just feels really nice on the string. Made in the USA.

  2. 2013 Supernova - this is similar to the chik in that it plays really well but is a different shape (its fit higher walls a little wider catchzone and its rims are flatter and wider on the edges, also just a tad cheaper, but doesn’t take side effects and is made in china

  3. Superstar - I can only say I think I’ll buy one because I’ve heard good things but what I’ve heard is that the supernova has the edge and is a little nicer player (but I’ve not played with or owned it so what I’ve heard is just hearsay but I’ll own one eventually.)

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Is the chick stable and durable? How long could it sleep.

As long as you can make it sleep.

Is it durable though?

yes. The pyramatte finish from onedrop is amazing. I’ve heard people say they’ve thrown summits across banks and there was just one unnoticeable scratch.

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The chik is plenty stable and will sleep a long while, but those two factors really depend on the player of your style is sloppy and your throw is bad the yoyo is of no matter because any you throw would be not good. I like the chik so much I own two.

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The only gained durability on these compared to other throws it the SE system. So if you don’t know how to properly tighten a yoyo and cross thread it or overtighten it you can replace it otherwise the durability is the same as any other yoyo. The only time there’s any kind of change would be if it had a different coating or was made of a different material but type 2 ano is what most people use along with 6065 aluminum.

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id say get a one drop chik its really smooth

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