Wherein I declare war on the DV888

Good all DV888s should be destroyed :wink:


It’s not my absolute favorite but I enjoy throwing it a half dozen times a day. Can’t figure out what is really so bad about it.

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It’s mostly super out of date … I wouldn’t say it was a particularly good yo-yo back in 2009… kinda crazy it is still sold as a “new” yo-yo to everyone.


It’s just a toy. I love toys. I wish I had all my big G.I. Joes from the early 70’s. They’re out of date too but I’d love to play with em! Apples and oranges, my friend. I think any yoyo someone enjoys playing with is great. It may not be the best one but it’s all about having fun. Oh, man, I sense a firestorm about to come. @smileypants707, you watching this?


Oh hey, someone taged me…



You seem obsessed with anything new. You seem to scorn older, quality, legacy items that are perfectly good to this day that serve the purpose for which they were designed.


I am mostly echoing what was said in this video about the dv888 because I agree with it…

Apologies if a YouTube video is too new-fangled! Let me dig out some super 8 reels… :wink:


I can’t think of a single modern trick I can’t do on a DV888 or Daydream… They’re perfectly decent choices that somehow made a particular ‘worst yoyo’ list.

The problem with reviews is there’s no requirements to post. No experience or skill level needed to post your personal opinions as facts. You don’t have to be particularly good at yo-yoing, you don’t have to really know what you’re talking about even, you just throw yo-yos and talk in an entertaining way and some people listen and repeat the info… :man_shrugging: Every review should just be taken with a grain of salt IMO.


Very true. I’m going to post a mens clothing video and say how bad all mens clothing is that does not fit me or does not come in colors I like. But really, I like to read strong opinions one way or the other. If I see a newspaper lying around I always flip to the letters to the editor section first, then the comics.

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To me the DV888 plays like a brick though. Yes technically every yo-yo works as a yo-yo… I think what adds insult to injury is that the DV888 is still sold new and marketed to new players, whereas the classic 888 is universally and widely applauded (and rightly so) and yet … it cannot be purchased new any more… only the janky old DV888 can be :frowning:

This is like arguing “there are no bad cars they all drive you places!” but I am pretty sure the Pontiac Aztek is not gonna be a great choice for anyone these days :slight_smile:

So is the DV888 the Pontiac Aztek of yo-yos? I would say it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Off topic but when you copy the hands down best metal at the time and you bring on Buzz On to give it legitimacy. Well that’s called a massive reach where I come from. But yes they must be destroyed. All of them.

Yeah the origin of it is weird as well.

I’m not even sure it was an accurate copy …


Interesting that the DV8 had other incarnations with another company unless this is just a coincidense.

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There are some differences, having a solid metal yo-yo vs. metal rims is a very different weight setup, plus the final production run of the dv8 was supposed to have rounded metal rims.

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I meant just more how the name kinda survived or it might just be a coincidental sound-alike name.

The Dv888 is great as a beginner responsive metal yo-yo. Especially for younger kids with smaller hands - it is overall solid - no frills, etc. It was always meant to just be a very standard and streamlined design.

Agreed - it is not what you would ever want to use to get on stage for a competition - but for learning basics (as it comes responsive) and the ability to make unresponsive it gets the job done for what it is I think.

But once you know how to bind - there are definitely other choices (and I honestly recommend going with plastic responsive and then something more a step up - but a lot of people want to start with a responsive metal yo-yo and the Dv88 is light weight enough that I’m never concerned recommending it knowing it will probably come back pretty close to their head at some point!)


It wasn’t but when did that ever stop anyone.


Hahaaaahaaaa has an Haaaaaaa Haaaz

I dunno, when set up as responsive mine was super weird. I think because the gap is unusually tight? I recall having to use thin lube on the slim bearing, unlike every other metal responsive pretty much ever…

I just got mine out (long story, but Seth Godin sent me a customized DV888 with a laser engraved logo of my avatar, which is kind of ironic considering this is about the only yo-yo you can buy from a major manufacturer which isn’t… good… in my opinion)


and yeah, the white silicone pads stick out from the surface a fair bit:


So for this to be a decent responsive it’d need flush pads which don’t come with it :cry:

Playing with this yoyo is unlike any other in my collection, it just makes me sad and depressed. And that’s after I already sold my nine dragons :wink: