dv888 and 888

just wondering cause i dont know that much about yoyos. Whats the difference in these two

  1. The price is almost 60$ different.

That shape of DV888 has FLAT rims, while 888 had rounded. That is the main difference but the specs are fairly different.

Every yo-yo is different.

does the flat or round rims make that much of a difference cause if i want to get one id rather get cheaper one if everything else is same

They are two COMPLETELY different yo-yos. The shape makes the “Feel” of the yo-yo.

The DV888 is new, so here isn’t many long time impressions.

I’d go for the DV888, half the price.

well the feel dont matter much to me just that like the spin times are same. thats really all i care about

Well,you need to have a preference to get a yoyo that you will like.The spin time DOES NOT depend on the yoyo at all,it depends on your throw.

Actually, the yoyo is a bit of an important factor.

it depends on what type of properties you want. (ex. size shape,etc.)

What if some people are okay with any shape and size?

Well a lot of people are OK with any shape and size. But we are not looking for anything OK. We are looking for the best fitting yoyo. So any yoyo would work, but some/one yoyo will work better in certain hands.

then thats alright, like me ,I love my DM and x-convict and they are both different (in shape and size)
so I’ll just look up on what kind of yoyo to get next (what looks cooler, if its rare or not, price range, ect.)
Lol I just realized I dont have any preference (except for a bigyo size yoyo for 1A, :P)