888x and DV888

Is there a difference between these two yoyos, because the 888x is more expensive. I was just wondering because I’m not sure which one to get.

The Dv888 has flat rims, the 888x is round. Also, the 888x has hubstacks.

But are they different in play? Like is one smoother than the other?

Ok let me say this and don’t take offense.

Out of 99% of the metals out there, most play about the same. They all play smooth and great and all that jazz. The difference in them is in YOUR mind. Not the ability of the yoyo. They can take whatever you dish out. The reason some cost more than others is either the anodize or the cost of machining. Sometimes even the cost of material. So for future reference, if you like two different yoyo just remember they are both really good and you’ll just have to choose. No one here knows your preference.


So true!