Next yoyo help


what should i get for my next yoyo ive been yoyoing for a month and a half and i am already up to the advanced part two of the tuts.
my price range is up to 110.00
and right now i have a dm


do you like the shape and size of the dm?if not tell,us what you prefer.what are your preferences.personaly i went from a legacy(all plastic dm)to an 888x.i was in your take it from me when i say “PREFERENCES HELP BIGTIME”.


I would say that instead of going and getting a 100 dollar throw right away, buy yourself a few cheaper plastics or bi-metals that are different shapes and sizes from each other and the DM.
You’ll spend some extra money but you’ll have a better idea of what you like.
That’s just my opinion though.


i do really like the shape and size of the dm but my frient has a 888x and its awsome and has a great feel


for $120 u can get a super star or skyline


Well since you like your friend’s 888x that means you like undersized. Be aware that this is completely different than your dark magic. My recommendation is either buy cheaper yo-yos with different sizes to see what you like or since you liked the 888x so much, go for it. I doubt you’ll be disappointed with such a high quality throw but don’t take my word for it.


Is there a yoyo club around…or a few friends with yoyo’s you can try out? I just got 2 new throws…a string theory remnant and a CLYW bear vs man. I used a DM before (well, still use it alot) and find the bear vs man a little easier to play with (the Remnant is a little “grabby” and my first attempt at flowable helped a bit, but not totally…gonna try again with more recess). This may seem like a silly suggestion, but maybe get a 80-90 dollar metal, and get a KK bearing kit for the DM as well. I did this and found it to make a pretty big difference…might just be me tho.


I think im gonna go with the 888x and go for it


NOOOOOOO!!!dont get the 888x!if you like the shape get a BOSS!!!the 888x does not spin for that long,hubstacks get super boring,and you cant thumb grind.the BOSS is a totaly better version of the may never have this opportunity again.i have both the 888x,and the BOSS.get the boss.

(JonasK) #10

For that money you can get a fundaMETAL and a good plastic, why settle with just one metal, when you can add a great plastic.

Protostar/New Breed/Atmosphere… aah the plastics.


You have only been yoyoing for a month and a half. Your DM should last you all the way through the master section. Don’t buy a metal until your ready.


u should get the boss, lunatic, or eneme

(laxdude99) #13

i recommend the hectic if you can find one because it can handle any trick and adds good variety to your collection


Also there is a onedrop dingo which is a great all metal player for around 50 bucks. But it is not the most forgiving yoyo which can be good and bad in some ways. Also i went from a DM to a DV888 and I do not regret it at all but in the end you gotta decide.


I got the 88 and its awsome everthing i love is in it

(LookAYoYo) #16

Ok back to your preferences.

The boss sounds good if you like the 888x because i got the 888x and i hated the spin time and how slow it was. plus, if you like the DM and the 888x, it means you are not very picky. so get an average cheep metal or multiple plastics to see what shape/size/weight you like. for a metal, i would recommend a recrev i. it is beast for only $50. check out yoyonation for it because yoyoexpert doesn’t sell it.


Yoyonation has been out for awhile. I have been checking every day cuz i really want one of these beasts!!!

(LookAYoYo) #18

i bought mine right form Alex Kim


Really!? is he on these forums and if so Can you give me his User name?

(LookAYoYo) #20

idk if he has an account. i live in LA and i met him twice. i am not close with him, i just bought an i from him.