Opinions on the M1 and 888 (to help me choose which one)


I’m planning in the summer to get a new yo yo. I’ve narrowed down my choices down to 888 and M1. I was thinking about a Peak, but I don’t want to spend days on the computer pressing F5. I’d like your opinions and suggestions to assist in my choosing.

To help

  1. What size do you prefer? I own a Dark Magic and love it’s size.
  2. What shape do you prefer? Wide butterfly works for me
  3. What response do you prefer? I’m inexperienced in response types. Whatever’s unresponsive works.
  4. Do you like to mod/maintain it? Not really :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Does color matter? Yes (I’m loving the 888 splash)
  6. How does your style relate to the yoyo? Mainly string tricks, thumb grinds, with some whips thrown in
  7. What is your price range? Depends on my grades. 100 is my peak
  8. What is your skill level? I’m entering advanced


Well, I am very Bias towards the M1 because I just got mine today but The 888 maches most of your wants.

Which one is for each question:

  1. 888 is closer, the m1 is tiny.

2.M1 is a thinner width but still butterfly, 888 is large butterfly.

  1. 888 is UNresponsive stock while M1 needs some time to break in and become unresponsive.

  2. Same.

  3. 888 splash is awesome but you can get some fades and what-not with M1.

  4. Neither can Thumb0Grind very well, 888’s are better then M1s. I think the M1 glides on the string and easy for whips and lacerations.

  5. M1 would take this one, most 888s are over 100 and m1s are only 60 so you could get yourself a treat.

  6. Both will bring you everywhere in yoyoing.



Okay :wink:

  1. Neither will really work, as they are both much smaller then the DM
  2. 888 is much wider, almost as wide as the DM. The M1’s width only makes it to the beginning of one metal ring on the DM
  3. You can get the flow groove M1 which is unresponsive stock, but the pad requires break in time.
  4. You dont really need to mod either besides changing pads or something similar, but that really isnt a mod so much as maintenance.
  5. Both look very good :wink:
  6. 888’s arent really good for thumb grinds as they have stacks, but my M1 is the best in Thumb grinds out of all of my yoyos. Other then that both yoyos will do as you wish
  7. If $100 is your Peak, you wont be able to afford the 888 :-\
  8. Both will be good for that.

Overall, I think the 888 takes the cake :wink:


Yeah the price of the 888 is the only thing making me hesitate. I have tried looking for fades or splashes for M1 but couldn’t find any. Thinking about it, if I do get an M1 and everything goes right, I could get a gruntbull and still spend less…

Also, can M1s use hubstacks?


Yeah, some people have hubstacked them, but its highly recommended not to, as they werent designed to have them.


Yea, it’s 25$ for a Gruntbull single yoyo, thats 85$ and that is 35$ dollers less than a 888 and 35$ is 35$s that you didn’t have before!

You can get a lomger axle and add hubstacks. But it will give you a vibe.


Does the 888 come with hubstacks?


oh yeah!


If you really like the size of your DM you should check out the YoYoFactory DNA. Its a larger version of the 888 and happens to be almost exactly the same size as the DM. I love mine and couldn’t imagine playing with a smaller yoyo since I have big hands.

Click These
YoYoExpert (support this site if you can)

YoYoNation (has more colors in stock at the moment)

Dr. YoYo (great review)


Oh, The DNA 888 has the same size as DM, Thanks. ;D

Happy Throwing! =]

(yoyo kid eastown GR) #11

about the whole color issue the M1 offers 11 different colors and can be half and half. It also can be ordered with the flow grove or pad response (mine is a black and purple pad)

(Shisaki) #12

Your prefernces are screaming for you to get a DNA but you don’t have enough cash, their $120. I would say mow the lawn or something and get a extra $25 to get the DNA.


Received my orange aqua splash 888. Thanks for the help guys, although my moms still pissed off that I bought a $130 yo yo. Oh well, at least shes not mad, she’s just exasperated.

(Frank W.) #14

Here is my short review of the M1 

(Jamesofyoyo) #15

888, (or the dv888. it has a feel like the 888 but is cheeper)

(JonasK) #16

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