Yomega Glide


“The Glide is Yomega’s new competition level, high performance yo yo. We will have a first run of a limited number of several different finishes available at the end of November. Email us at info@yomega.com to be put on a Yomega Fan list for a first opportunity to purchase at a special discount.”

Weight: 70 grams
Diameter: 55.56 mm (2 3/16")
Width: 41.28 mm (1 10/16")
Bearing: C-Size


Very curious

This actually looks kinda good.

Any idea on the pricepoint?

Specs would be nice.

Yomega is not known for its gap width.

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I’ve tried it. Like any good 100 dollar throw. Nice design too. Good width.

The person that started my yoyo club is sponsored by Yomega. He let me try this. My mind was blown.


Me too.

It’s amazing!!!

Is it metal? Pricepoint? Size? Shape?

Can you give us some details :smiley: that would be awesome! !

It is metal

Looks amazing for a Yomega :o

Wow. Finally Yomega is stepping up to the plate in an effort to make into the major leagues.

Good for them.

Its about time they lose customers once they step into the big league yoyos

Huh? They might get more.

Also, they will continue to make beginner yoyos.

I’m not certain I understand what you mean here Abby.
It sounds like your saying once people try their attempt at a higher end metal their sales will decline across the board.


Just classic punctuation and faulty pronoun references. Here it is, rewritten:

“It’s about time; Yomega lose customers once those customers step into the big league yoyos.”

In other words, she’s glad to see Yomega grabbing the chance to retain their customer base. :wink:

Or at least that’s how I read it.

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I wasn’t doing a full edit. But if you want to be pedantic, your edit is not grammatically correct. “Once those customers step” is active. This needs to be matched to an active verb. “Yomega loses customers once they…”.

Your edit mixes passive and active.

I’m really embarrassed now that I didn’t understand that.
Sorry Abby, my bad.