what do u think about the glide

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what do u guys think about the yomega glide think it’s good or bad


Ah man, when I refreshed and saw this thread, I got such a good chuckle for some reason…

You know Glide’s are good man, don’t play dumb with me lol… you said you own one and you like it, so I’m missing something here


I can’t bring myself to buy one. Another store was having a sale, buy one Glide, the second was just one penny. Even for that deal, I couldn’t bring myself to buy one.

Yomega hasn’t really impressed me much in the past, so I’m really hesitant to spend money on new product from them. I would really need to get one of these in my hands for a couple of days to see if I truly like it or not. It sounds good: Unresponsive, a shape I generally get along with and a weight that’s not too bad, C-sized bearing.

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dude no worry i have a glide and it play really good and also it’s rock solid on the string and best of all it comes with a genuine kk


Still not sold on it. About the only way I’d get one is for Yomega to find my address and mail one directly to me. Let’s face it, that’s not going to happen.

On the plus side, I’ve heard basically the same thing about the Glide: Good.


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don’t worry why not go to a yoyo shop and ask to try a glide


Because no shop around where I live has one.

And also, because I just can’t get up enough interest in the Glide to try one.

Like I said, unless one magically showed up at my door, I’m most likely not going to otherwise experience a Glide.

Don’t feel bad. I have zero interest in Werdd going forward(Werrd knows why), and Anti-Yo and Slithering Hippo are also two brands that failed to capture my interest as well.

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I think it’s good that Yomega’s getting back in the game. Haven’t played one but I’ve only heard good things about them.

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The Glide is dope! At first I was like why would you get a Glide, my friend purchased one and he recently started a couple months back. I played it and it was quite nice. Had a tiny vibe and was pretty heavy on the string but overall had amazing spin times and a great shape. MY friends was a BB’d one too si it did grind pretty nice. If you find one for cheap and like a heavier feeling throw then you should give it a try.


I love this yoyo. They’re are 3 very accurate reviews, one from YoyoCommunity.com, and 2 here on the forums.

here are some videos from my YouTube channel;

you can look up my video review on my channel at any time, subscribe, like, however you like to do your internet time. I would have posted the review but I’m currently on my cell phone and it won’t allow me to.

yomega ambassador Colter


WHERE WAS THAT SALE??? My cousin won the Star Wars Edition Glide at BAC and it was amazing…
And smooth


When I started playing with yoyos 15+ years - Yomega was the king of the business. I must have had like 3 or 4 different ones, and I liked them all for different reasons.

After coming back from a long hiatus, the first thing I did was look at what Yomega was currently offering in terms of their modern throws… Alas, I have less than no interest in anything they produce. It seems like there are companies that I could only have dreamed of as a kid making new products to fit every different style of play… THOSE are the companies I want to support.

Yomega isn’t hurting for business. They make great entry-level stuff. In fact, it’s their bread and butter. Enthusiasts need not buy their products because there is better stuff out there for the same money. Even the Glide. There’s nothing it can possibly do that an OD or CLYW can’t in the same price range. You also have the added benefit of knowing your yoyo was made in the US or Canada (respectively) and not in China, like Yomega’s products.