Yomega Glide Review

Hey, it’s about time I posted a couple of reviews. This first one is for the Yomega Glide.

https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2948/15417823431_2a9e328834_o.jpgYomega Glide by PZorro14, on Flickr

Specs: (per YYE)
Diameter: 55.95mm
Width: 42.80mm
Gap: 4.40mm
Weight: 68.3g
Bearing: Dif-e-Yo Konkave Size C
Response: Yomega Silicone Response

Differences in mine:
Color: Blue w/ Gold Splash

About the Yoyo:
This yoyo is a Yomega yoyo but I believe it was manufactured by One Drop. I would need to confirm this some how which I am unable to do at the time. The yoyo’s material feels unique, almost fragile, but smooth. The hubs are all smooth finish, but the inside of it has more of a grind finish to it which makes it good for grinds. For $80-90, it is a really unique and fun throw.

Mine’s Story:
The Glide I have actually has a story behind that I might as well post here. I bought one on some holiday where I got 15% off of a Gold w/ Blue Splash one. I went out of town the following week before it arrived so I picked it up after getting home. I threw it a couple of times and it felt interesting (NOTE: I did not look for dings, scratches, etc. because it was late and I just wanted to try it before going to bed). The following morning, I threw it again and the string snapped. I just figured I had thrown in wrong or something like that. Then, I put on a new string and just did a basic throw and it was fine. But, the next sidethrow, the string snapped again. All of this was over carpet so I did not expect any damage really. However, when I looked at it closer, there was a dent on the rims and, strangely enough, ano flaws around the hubs (I did not do any thumb grinds, finger spins, etc. that may cause this). Needless to say, I contacted YYE and they said they had no idea how that happened and told me to send it to them. I did so and they received seeing those described marks and were flabbergasted. They sent me a new one that was perfect and it played dead smooth. It was my favorite yoyo when it was new until I got a Benchmark H and Summit.
So, the rest of this review will be based on the second one they sent me at all times.

First Thoughts:
“YES! FINALLY! Maybe this one will be better than the other one!” :smiley:
But, seriously, it was extremely smooth and I fell in love instantly. The gap width is great cause it allows for long spin times and entirely unresponsive. No problems with that. I made sure to look over for damage, none was found. It was perfectly flawless.

Second Thoughts:
After having it for about a week, I had still not found anything wrong with it. It was still my favorite throw and was my main throw. But, being the problems I had had with the first one, I never really threw it hard and put it to the max for fear the string would snap.

Current Thoughts:
Not quite as perfect now. It has one small ding in it but it is still dead smooth. Now, I have been throwing it like any other yoyo and it plays really well. Grinds extremely well and can do any trick you can throw at it (other than looping, duh). I have also tried other bearings on it, but it plays best with the stock KK bearing.

For the price, it is very nice throw. I love it still, even after having it for almost a year. Usually, I get tired of them, but this is too good to pass up. I would certainly recommend this for a full-sized throw under $100. I have heard things about Yomega making cheap no good throws, but this says otherwise. Well done Yomega.

Thanks for reading,

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