Glide Situation (Looking for Advice)

Okay, my situation with my (very) new Yomega Glide is bugging me and I would like some advice.
The run down is:

  1. I bought a Yomega Glide from YYE during the Halloween sale (for $76.50).
  2. It arrived on Saturday night)
  3. I opened up the yoyo and threw it a couple of times
  4. I noticed that there was a bump on the yoyo. As it turns out, the yoyo had a dent in it. (I had not bumped it on anything, I had literally thrown it down and binded it only twice before noticing)
  5. I then noticed that it had scratches on one of the sides. It was as if somebody had been practicing Thumb Grinds on it. There were also a couple more small scratches and one or two ano flaws on it as well.
  6. I contacted YYE this morning via email. I asked if I could send them the yoyo and then they send me a new one.
  7. They replied after about ten seconds (literally) and asked for pics.
  8. I replied saying that I had already packaged the yoyo up to send back to them. No reply came.
  9. I then decided to take the yoyo out and take pictures of it (being that this may help me get a new one).
  10. I was unable to snap some pictures because of the quality of the camera I own.
  11. Then, I decided just to give it a couple more throws.
  12. I throw it down once, string breaks. Change the string, throw it down, bind it. Throw it down again, string breaks. Thankfully, the yoyo had no damage because of these string breaks (being that I was over carpet).
  13. I sent YYE another email telling them about this adventure. No reply came.
    So, I am now waiting for a reply from them. In the meantime I ask you for some advice. I could either:
  1. Carry out the process of the exchange and wait about a week+ for a new one
  2. Keep the yoyo (but then the string may keep breaking)
  3. Keep the yoyo and change the bearing (to try to stop the string breakage).
  4. Contact Yomega about the problem
  5. Keep the yoyo as a collectible (Just kidding, too expensive for that), or
  6. Your advice

Please reply with what you think I should do and tell me about your Yomega Glide experiences. If there is anybody from Yomega or YYE on the forums that reads this post, please contact me as soon as possible.

The first run of Glides had problems with eating up strings. my recommendation for that problem is to get either denim or a sock and rub the area right outside the bearing seat where the string touches the yoyo. That should fix the string eating problem.

You should probably just be patient and wait for YYE to respond.

Get a friend with a better camera to take and email you a photo. Try getting a photo with the lighting from the side, so it shows the dent better. It sounds like you are not happy with the yoyo out of the box, so send the photo to get the return/exchange process going.

Edit: If you are planning on sending it back, don’t do anything else with it.

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Wait on YYE. It’s Sunday, after all. Yomega and YYE are both awesome at customer service. Just relax. They’ll take care of you.

Is it the bearing, the bearing seat, the yoyo itself, or something else (string maybe)? Also, do you have any idea if YYE is selling first run Glides?

Good advice. But, I am just not patient. At all. Ever. :smiley: It stinks.

I live thirty minutes from all my friends except one (I live on a mountain in the middle of nowhere :D). Also, my closer friend is about ten minutes away (including the driveway :D) but is really busy.
I am definitely not looking to throw it again until I know it is fixed. I can not afford to lose to many strings so quickly. I am low.

What if, because of the damage, they won’t except it back? What should I do?

To clarify, the first few runs had string eating problems, not the first run specifically. And the area of the yoyo right outside where the bearing is what is causing the string eating.

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Dude, it’s SUNDAY. Come on. It’s YYE, not Walmart. You’re going to have to wait and see what they say.


So, should I clean it and try it or just send it back?

Depends, do you want to keep it or return/exchange it?

I would rather not have to send it back?

how bad are the scratches and bump because you should send it in if they are easy to notice if you think it is fine I would leave it. the string could be old because when strings get old they get easier to break or the bearing could be snagging on the string which if it is you should try a different bearing in your yoyo. hope this helps-AGyoyo

The scratches and ano flaws are pretty bad, the dent is small though (not like my Shutter).
The string is brand new. I don’t want to change the bearing because then I may accidentally send the yoyo back with the wrong bearing in it.

That must be me. LOL.


What was the resolution?

You really need to send them pics so they can decide what to do, and quit using it or trying to fix it. Does your camera have a macro function for closeups? That could be why your pics are not good if you don’t have that set.

p.s. I realize this is a week later, but I posted the advice for general consumption.

Did yoyo expert send a email to you yet also what type of string are you using because you could buy more string from yoyo expert and try a couple more strings on it but it might get dented if you are near something hard