What's my recourse?


I got a new eternal throw sesh from yye. I really liked it, but I found that it eats strings. On the second or third throw, my new blueprint string broke, and my new sesh rolled onto the street. It got dinged.

What should I do?



Take it apart and use some denim it smooth out the zone, rinse wash repeat.


If the string broke on your second or third throw how is it you “found it eats strings”?

Maybe the string just broke?

That’s a bummer though.


I actually put a second new string on, and after about 30 minutes of play, it looks very frayed.





I feel almost embarrassed knowing that you think so highly of the level of: education, experience, street smarts and marginal legal advice ; we here; in the Worldiwde yoyo community possess.

It shows just how on the ball you are. Seriously; I mean why even contact the place you bought the yoyo from in the first place?

Obviously your emergency was averted rapidly by Nathan getting straight down to it and guiding you down the road to salvation and satisfaction.

No, I know; not exactly a miracle. But simply a straight forward answer from one of a legion of helpful folks waiting to guide those in the direction of ‘the light’.

Every time we work together; the World turns in the right direction.

Feel the power👍


I got the Wicked Sesh as well. It feels a little sharp, but I’m using Slackies on it. Feels great and been playing it all day. Not much fraying compared to other(cheaper) strings on even smoother throws. For a $65 throw it’s phenomenal, I wish you luck on strings.


A lot of folks here, as you probably know, lack what you could probably call “life experience”. These questions should come as no surprise
(Edit to clarify that was not a knock on those who lack "life experience ")


There’s been a couple of posts like this recently: ‘I keep dinging my yoyo on my fan, what do I do?’ and ‘I bought a yoyo and something is wrong with it, what do I do?’

I have serious concerns about the problem solving skills of the youth today.

(InvaderDust) #11

I have to echo this sentiment, sadly.


I didn’t know that🤓

All questions are a complete surprise to me🤔

Thanks a million for the heads up. I was totally unaware of this particular individuals seeming lack of life experiences.

Your view is most illuminating to say the least and seriously changed my awareness of life on Earth and the daily struggles of a legion of individuals that do not possess total knowledge.

I owe you.

(InvaderDust) #13

Nice dood! you got a favor from the 'Doc himself. Keep that in your pocket for a rainy day! :smiley:


With all due respect, I think that my problem should not make you doubt the problem solving issues with the youth. I was merely asking how to fix my yoyo, and if I could return it.


Can’t say I expected any other reply from that. Your posts, while predictable, still confuse me I suppose


I understand exactly what you mean. And you are certainly right.

I also found my response predictable. I mean; Amazingly I predicted that I was going to respond right before I responded.

Don’t feel bad about any confusion. Seriously; I don’t even understand what I said.

My badd :nerd_face:


All good, man. No forum would be complete without a resident condescending internet man or two


Or a few smarty pants youngsters that think they can outsmart a 65 year old man that most likely knows a lot more than they would ever think.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I like people that speak up.

Fear to speak is a trait of the weak.


I’m not as young as you apparently suspect (as much as I might wish I was), but all that aside, it’s not about outsmarting, just trying to spread good vibes