Is it okay to keep using a string with a broken thread?

I break a string thread really easily, even when it’s brand new. The pictured string is kitty string I got from yotricks. This happened to it twice in a row with two different strings and also twice with a string that came with my skyline and atlas. Are these bad string? What do you recommend? Or is it me who is doing something wrong and breaking a thread?

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IMO if I saw that I’d replace the string, rather than risk it breaking and damaging the yoyo. I broke a cheaper string when I was just starting out, ever since then I inspect it periodically when throwing and replace it if it gets damaged or ratty.

You might want to try some different strings, they shouldn’t be failing that quickly. I use YYSL Plutonium as my go-to for the momentand haven’t had any issues or breaks.

Is it always with the same yoyo, or does it happen with different throws?



Its kinda common sense isnt it replace it lol

Heck yeah. I’d put on a new string ASAP.


I’m just getting back into yoyoing, and these are four new strings that have broken within minutes so I thought maybe it was a common occurrence

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It’s happened with my toonie, with my skyline, with my atlas. That’s four different strings breaking within the first 20 minutes of use. Thank you so much for the suggestions and reply

It seems really weird to me that your string is breaking that quickly. Maybe I just don’t throw hard enough.

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Break a couple of threads, REPLACE it now. It’s going to go soon. :nauseated_face:


If it was happening all on the same yoyo, I’d say that was the yoyo. But if it’s happening on more than one yoyo, seems like it’s either the string or the way you’re throwing. They sell string in 100 packs for a pretty decent price so I’d listen to the advice from the other people posting here and just change the string when you notice a break in a strand and then if you run out, get some more. Eventually it will stop happening because you’ll run through the bad strings and get new ones or you’ll figure out how/why your throwing is causing it. Maybe try to find a thrower in your area or a club/meetup to see if someone can make some suggestions in person. If not, you could post a video or two and ask for tips from people here. Take it from someone who’s gotten a black eye from a yoyo flying off a broken string, don’t try to extend a string’s life if it shows signs of wear.


If it’s breaking in the same spot, check where that is relative to the yoyo body and rub that area of the yoyo on a pair of jeans (inside out if you want to protect the jeans). Multiple strings breaking that fast strongly suggests a burr on the yoyo scratching the string. Or, it’s possible a strand could be getting caught at the bearing edge, but you’d likely notice it being responsive on the first throw.


Thank you so much for the insight. I’ve changed the string now, so far no problems. I’ll be sure to buy a 100 pack of string.


I’ve never heard of that method, thank you