i'm starting to get paranoid :/

of throwing my yoyo now because my string has broken twice on me now when i throw it really hard, so i don’t throw hard anymore :confused: anyway to overcome this fear?

Well first off what kind of yoyo is it and what kind of string are you using?

change your string more frequently, when it starts to look frayed and dodgy get a new string and put it on.

i’m using a DM, and the string that came with it broke and it slammed into the floor. i just got this thing like a week or two ago so it kinda freaked me out, then i replaced it with the string off of a duncan mosquito because i had no other string and it did it like two days later, (right after my girlfriends dogs had a fight on my laptop and broke one of the keys on it, and i said “everything i have always breaks!” and i threw and the string broke…[irony?])

well the strings dont last forever 100% polly usually last for 1 week new
but you used old duncan mosqito and im not suprised it broke in a day i was used :-
i recomend you buy 100 bulk of 100% polly your fav color and switch string ever 4-7 days.

where can i buy that at? and how much is it?

Don’t throw really hard.

right here http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/category/3/Yo-Yo-String

Buy string HERE
Edit: I got ninja’d

i don’t now, but then my sleeper sucks. suggestions?

snap your wrist, don’t use your arm.

just dont snap it off, lmao

I typically change strings about every 15 minutes to half hour. If you throw a solid 30 minutes then changing it is a good idea.

if you do that, do you throw away the old string? or do you use it later if you run out?

throw out your old strings, or make a string ball.

I give them to my 8 year old and he creates things with them. lol

bring your elbow up to top of yout head and curl ur wrist.

Starbursts snap strings faster then on dual silicone, I had a string snap ONCE, on a dual starburst ned yoyo. Just buy more string, you can get

1000 strings for $100
100 strings for $10

i have a string ball :smiley:
it has a diameter of 2 inches >.<