i'm starting to get paranoid :/


of throwing my yoyo now because my string has broken twice on me now when i throw it really hard, so i don’t throw hard anymore :confused: anyway to overcome this fear?


Well first off what kind of yoyo is it and what kind of string are you using?

(Hardcore_Max) #3

change your string more frequently, when it starts to look frayed and dodgy get a new string and put it on.


i’m using a DM, and the string that came with it broke and it slammed into the floor. i just got this thing like a week or two ago so it kinda freaked me out, then i replaced it with the string off of a duncan mosquito because i had no other string and it did it like two days later, (right after my girlfriends dogs had a fight on my laptop and broke one of the keys on it, and i said “everything i have always breaks!” and i threw and the string broke…[irony?])


well the strings dont last forever 100% polly usually last for 1 week new
but you used old duncan mosqito and im not suprised it broke in a day i was used :-
i recomend you buy 100 bulk of 100% polly your fav color and switch string ever 4-7 days.


where can i buy that at? and how much is it?

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

Don’t throw really hard.

(Hardcore_Max) #8

right here http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/category/3/Yo-Yo-String

(BaileyT) #9

Buy string HERE
Edit: I got ninja’d


i don’t now, but then my sleeper sucks. suggestions?

(Yo!It'sMatt) #11

snap your wrist, don’t use your arm.

(Hardcore_Max) #12

just dont snap it off, lmao

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #13


I typically change strings about every 15 minutes to half hour. If you throw a solid 30 minutes then changing it is a good idea.


if you do that, do you throw away the old string? or do you use it later if you run out?

(Hardcore_Max) #16

throw out your old strings, or make a string ball.


I give them to my 8 year old and he creates things with them. lol


bring your elbow up to top of yout head and curl ur wrist.


Starbursts snap strings faster then on dual silicone, I had a string snap ONCE, on a dual starburst ned yoyo. Just buy more string, you can get

1000 strings for $100
100 strings for $10


i have a string ball :smiley:
it has a diameter of 2 inches >.<