What's the best yoyo manufacturer?

I’m debating.

There is no best.

Each company offers it’s own unique throws. It’s a lot about preferance.

There really isn’t a way to pick a company that stands over everyone. Some people may like one company more then another but that doesn’t make it the best.

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I’ve been thinking along those lines a bit and I agree.

Preferences and opinions make up the community.
Thus, there can never be a “best”, only a “best” to your own preferences and opinions which is not “best” to another. Rendering the entire yoyo market into a “best” of its own.

Go yoyo’s


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All of them…

Beat me to it. I agree. All of them!

This is truth in its truest form.



Its a matter of preference.

YoyoFactory for sure. They offer the best 1a, 5a, 3a, and 2a yoyos. The only thing they dont offer is 4a.

See, but that’s your preference. That’s what you think, I, and many others think differently.

Preference my good man, preference. :wink:

Im assuming you’ve never read any of the WAT IS DA BEST treads.

Me too…

I am stuck in-between the company’s who manufacture yoyos vs the other company’s who manufacture yoyos…

It’s hard to pick but I’ll go with the company that manufactures yoyos ;D

But seriously … Everyone is right … It’s what you think is best.

Well not too many people are going to list names because they dont want to start a fanboy/flame war but I will go ahead and say some things that shouldn’t bother too many people.

Who has moved the most merchandise? Probably Duncan or YYF.

My personal opinion though (having experience with Duncan, Yomega, random nameless brands from China, YYF, OD and CLYW)…is that onedrop provides the most bang for your buck. You can spend from $80-$140 depending on whether you buy used off BST or one of their upgraded aluminium “GZR” models with an average price point of about $100. For this you get their side effects axle system which is really neat to me because you never worry about a threaded axle or any weird axle related vibe issues and you get to adjust the weight/hubs. The ano on my 54 is really durable and looks great too so I give them lots of points for the ano, they are made in America and I have read really intelligent and scientific comments by their designers so I have a lot of faith that anything they sell will have precision engineered weight, balance and design.

Having said all of that above…I really really love my CLYW AC and its gotten to a point where I dare not declare my love for one child stronger than the other.

I’m also of the opinion that there are other companies that offer up a lot of similar merits but I haven’t gotten to seriously compare them first hand such as: 3yo3, Anti-Yo, General-Yo, ILYY, G-Squared, Oxygene, Recreational Revolutions and Xcube. Eventually I’d like to try out each of these companies flagship models.

We could also count up what yoyo appears the most in winning competitions. That might provide some interesting insight but there will be different ways of calculating the statistics and no one will ever agree on which formula is the most divine.

Whatever you think is the best

I know you’re stating your opinion in most of your post, but this is where you are definanlty wrong.

The yoyo that the competitor chooses is usually preferance. Maybe more people who won that year all chose one yoyo that they really liked but that was just a lucky coincidence. And just because people like one companies yoyos for competition that doesn’t make that company the best.

No matter what there is no best. It’s what you think is the best.

You should try out C3 also :stuck_out_tongue:


You should try c3, they make very nice throws.

My favorite is Turning Point. All their stuff blows my YYF throws out of tye water. The only problem is the price.

Oh thats right c3 does have some really intriguing models. The Capless, Trident and Berserker have all caught my eye and I am especially interested in the upcoming h5xchief…they should definitely be in consideration.