Favorite Brand


Nobody can beat the precision, quality, and smoothness of General-Yo.

Wheres One Drop?!

You are missing WAY too many companies. I mean like 20 or so.

You’re missing Auldey. :wink:

YYF just can’t be beat, but it depends on what your talking about, the actual yoyos that a company makes, or its contest team? For me I like YYF for both.

Too hard to pick… seriously


Yoyo Jam because they are made in the USA yea I know there are others too but have only used yoyo jam

I totally went with WERRD as my 1st and CLYW as my 2nd

Dead tie between General-Yo and YoYoFactory.

Wheres Rec Rev? D:

There are a few more missing

Click on the manufacturer drop down. And be shocked

CLYW and Duncan

Look on the the left side of my post, “Fav. yo-yos:”


Happy Throwing! =]

duncan and mad house, but theres no madhouse :’(

duncan yyf and yyj.

I like 4 of them best. YYF, CLYW, H-SPIN and One Drop Design

Crap, I hit yyf and CLYW then I realized that Tom Kuhn was stuck at the bottom of the list… It should have been yyf and TK… with CLYW at a close third

Someone add Play-maxx? Please… :frowning: