Favorite YoYo Company?

I just wanted to know what your favorite Yo-Yo company’s are! Vote! Vote! Vote! 8)

yyf easy

Go to Mike’s Homepage and have a look to the comments of the “McBride Roller Coaster – LTT Episode #2” video…it’s the question of the week!  :wink:

Well you are forgetting a LOT of companies bro.

Big Brother
String theory
one drop

and thats just a few of them.

yoyofactory makes AMAZING yoyos at a fairly cheap price

but i think my personal favorite is hspin

I prefer YYJ. YYJ has good yoyos at a good price. I also like YYF. YYF is a bit pricey

Well duh!!! I know that! Haha! I just put in a couple! I can add HSpin if you want me too guys!!!

When People ask me for my favorite genre of music, I don’t say a particular genre. I say,

“The genre doesn’t matter. It’s the individual song”

I like to use that priciple on yoyos.

Except for an exception

“Except for Disney singers” = “Except Yomega” JK, yomega’s made a decent yoyo or two.

I am NOT joking about disney singers being bad though…

General-Yo and YoYoFactory.

Hspin FTW! ;D

Duncan and CLYW.

Duncan is probably leading at this moment, but CLYW has a warm spot in my heart, I jhust need to mention it.

I used to be a YoYoJam fanboy. But JoJoPakTori is just better for me.

Well I might be a YoYoJam fanboy again. It’s because I haven’t tried some of their metals… But for now… I’m a JoJoPaktori fanboy.