Onedrop Code 2 vs CLYW


Which CLYW yoyos are (in your opinion) better than the Onedrop Code 2? I want to buy the Code 2 but there are so many other options from CLYW and I don’t know what to buy. Also, Which CLYW yoyo do you think is the best? Thanks in advance.


Well. I have a Code 2 and a chief, one of the most recommended CLYWs. I always seem to go back and forth but I think I like the chief just a bit more. They play very differently. The CODE 2 seems to be heavier on the string as the chief has, in a way, a more light, speedier feel. You can’t go wrong with either.


the chief is an amazing throw. the chief can handle everything you throw at it and it makes it soooo easy to learn tricks on it.

Only downfall I have found is that the gap, even though it is extremely wide, sometimes nips the string for early binds when you dont want them. I know yoyos like the summit and the whip have no done this to me.


Yup. #1 is the submit. Its a mix of two brands, onedrop and CLYW. Its amazingggggg