Which throw from CLYW do you think plays the most like the CODE 2?

(The Yo mast3r) #1

Just a question.

Bonus: Which yoyo do you think plays like the CODE 2 the most (from any company)?


For the bonus question , I would probably guess the Code 2. ;D


Yah id say code 2 is a safe bet as well


Compass maybe


Why dont you try something different from the code 2? I mean CLYW has some throws that you might love.Try out Blizzard and Iglooooooo ;d

(The Yo mast3r) #6

Actually, I tried a few CLYWs & I really like them. My fav one as of the moment is the Chief. FYI, I’m getting a CLYW for christmas.


Probably the Avalanche. I feel they are pretty similar. Also, why bother trying to find a yoyo that plays like the code 2 when there is a code 2?

(The Yo mast3r) #8

LOL! Maybe for those who’d like to try a throw that’s similar to ones they own?

(major_seventh) #9

So you want something similar but with a difference that outweighs the similarities?


If you like the chief you might like Blizzard and Compass.

(The Yo mast3r) #11

Uh, I guess? Whatever, this thread was pointless. :-[