Favorite Spyy, CLYW, and One Drop

What’s your favorite sppy
What’s your favorite Clyw
What’s your favorite one drop
…and why thanks

Punchline Repeater - comfortable, long spinning.
Chief- amazing in every way
Code 1- stable, optional side effects


Spyy-Speed Freak,fast,fairly stable,awesome finish,and I got one of mine for free!
Clyw-Gnarwhal-Not super fast but not a very slow and smooth just in-between while remaining very stable.
One Drop-From the looks it will be the code 2, I love the gap and the rims.

No SPYY here yet.

CLYW: Avalanche, hands down. I have several CLYW’s and trying to get more, but the Avalanche is the one I like the best. Largest, stable for me, great catch area.

One Drop: Code 1 with the smallest side effects. Super stable, wants to spin forever, gigantic almost entirely catch zone.