Fastest CLYW?


Hellolololol derp.
I know thiss kindo like asking for pigs from pearl oysters, but is there a clyw throw that plays as fast as a YYR or a Something? I dont mind it being floaty, just light to push for acceleration and easy to control at high speeds, like for example at least Marcus Koh or Ryota Ogi speeds.


Having tried all of them I would say the bonfire???
It still will feel like a turtle compared to YYR but the fastest for CLYW

The summit and arctic circle (1 &2) can also be quite fast


AC2 is the fastest I think

Bet the 65 gram chief plays pretty fast too but haven’t tried one


Puffin 2



Fast is very subjective. The avalanche plays fast and solid, the Wooly Marmot 1 was also very fast for me, the Puffin 2 I heard plays sdlow for some people, it plays fast for me! The AC1 plays more “delerabrate” than fast to me, and the AC2 is more “floaty”


Id say the puffin 2 is one of their fastest based on personal experience and recommendations from CLYW and a few other yoers