Summit? Who's getting one? - Merged

Not trying to get a ton of hate for being a “bandwagoner” or a hype follower, but are any of you getting a Summit at Cal States?? I’m guessing there’ll be higher attendance due to the fact that it’ll be the first time Summits will be available in person? Any of you gonna cop one?

If my parents let me borrow $20 then I will get one tomorrow.

Wish I was going to cal states!

Anyway, no way I am buying one. My guess is they will cost like 165$ or so, 116$ with just the plain grey look, too much. ALso looks like an ac with SE’s to me, and I honestly can barely tell the difference between side effects. I would definitely rather buy a General Yo, but this is just my opinion.

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no problem with an opinion! And btw you’re right: they are $115

well I sure hope your parents let you borrow $20!

Stupid question: at contests, do they charge sales tax? And I hope so too Lordchootapa:P

Most likely not, but depends who the vendor is.

Also, although it isn’t my cup of tea, it should rock for whoever picks one up. I loved my arctic circle, but I am afraid to throw CLYW throws due to their value, and I often get a yooy for the value, then selll it or trade it for what I actually want, then keep it and repeat. That is how I got my arctic circle, and it was better than I thought. If I hadnt spent 400$ in 4 days, I would probably buy a new one.

If theres a fools gold then maybe.

CLYW Throws are expensive but yeah, if you are afraid to use them because of their value, then you probably shouldn’t use them. However, the Summit is cheaper than the Gen-Yo Majesty, so…

I already have one.

My parents gave $15. I am getting a Summit:D

I’m gonna be getting one for sure once they release online. Not going to pass this one up, it’s really a must buy for me.


I’ll buy one as long as they are not ridiculously rare and I have the possibility to snag one on the bst later for around 90.

congratulations so so so so much, dude!!! I’m so jealous! Have fun with it!

lucky! Do you like it?

how did you get one?

You’re a wizard Harry.

I’ve got one coming in the mail. ;D

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I will buy one once they are available online. And then I will throw it. And it will be awesome.