Summit? Who's getting one? - Merged

I’m so jealous, I want one super bad, but I haven’t tried any one drops or CLYW’s. I actually really want a CLYW so I could wear a CLYW shirt, they look so swag

I’d rather wait to see if the yo-yo is well worth the hype it got.

It will be my first metal.

Me too! Although it’s not for me…it’s a special proto that we’ll be giving away later on


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I think I’ll be passing on this one! :smiley:

CONGRATS! You’ll be starting with a hopefully great yoyo!

I might get one after all!

Yes, but primarily because of One Drop’s involvement. Kind of over the CLYW bandwagon tbh, but One Drop is making good stuff lately.

I was going to go up to Cal states today but I changed my mind. I will get one at the later release date tho!

The line at Cal States is long. I hope I get one.

i feel like a chief with side effects and possibly grooves like the code one drops have would have been sick. I like the summit but I am not going to crazy about it quite yet. I dont like getting all hyped over something just because of the brand but it does look nice. Just hoping it plays as nice as most clyw throws cause perdormance wise Im not big on one drop bought a code 2 and a yelets and regret it so bad.

Too much hype. Too. Much. Hype.

I might pick one up when they lose value off the BST

Hardly any of these yoyo’s retain value any more, I don’t understand why you guys don’t wait till they are like $50 off on the BST like three weeks later (or more realistically when the next CLYW drops… which will probably be 3 weeks anyway)

edit: I guess someone has to buy them at retail, so they can put it up on the BST… so yeah, nvm. But makes me think, hmmm…

Most yoyos don’t retain their retail value anymore. Blame the economy, I guess.

But something like this, a yoyo that got quite a bit of hype behind it, should be able to fetch at least retail. I don’t see them being $50 off in the BST for quite some time.

I’ve got an inside horse at Cal States, so I’ll hopefully be getting one.

Most contest prices are actually cheaper than retail. A friend of mine got a Shaqlerstar at worlds for 20 bucks and retail here on YYE is 34.99.

Ok, guys tell me if you got a summit and what color to add you on the list :slight_smile:
1.sushi, light blue
2.thefluteninja, light blue

Stop boasting and adding to the already incredibly overdone hype.

Yes, now 3 threads

Guys really I just want to see who got one jeez