CLYW and One Drop present The Summit


We had a crazy idea. Have the guys from CLYW come visit the One Drop shop and design/manufacture a brand new collaboration yoyo from scratch all the while filming the whole process.

The result: ‘the Summit’. The name really speaks for itself as this is a melding of a CLYW Avalanche and a One Drop Cascade. The name also refers to how this was a meeting of the minds.

Then we had an even crazier idea: release a small run at Cal States the following weekend! We weren’t sure if this was even possible, as neither of us have ever made a yo-yo from scratch so quickly, but we were up for the challenge and wanted to try!

Over the course of 4 days we created what we think is one of the best yo-yos on the market today.

Day 1: Design
Day 2: Make a Prototype, while Jason Week works on Artwork
Day 3: Manufacture a Small Run and have Evan from Toxic Strings anodize them overnight
Day 4: Laser Engrave/Assemble/Package

We had team members from both companies on site including Jensen, Zach, Charles, Paul, Andrew, Jordan and JT to help with the design and testing on the spot. The first version played really well, but everyone agreed that it needed a little bit more weight, so a 2nd revision was done. Round 2 of prototyping yielded the final version and we all loved it!

Charles is currently finishing up a documentary, which will show the full process of these amazing days that we spent together to create the Summit. It will also include footage of Cal States where we sold the first run, and how both One Drop and CLYW team members rocked the stage with it.

The full production run will be releasing on April 5th, 2013 with many runs to follow. Keep your eyes on your favorite yo-yo stores.

Solid colors start at $115.

Base Weight (two halves, response pad, bearing): 64.20 grams
Weight with aluminum Ultra Light Side Effects: 66.70 grams
Width: 46mm
Diameter: 55.64mm
Stock Response: CLYW Snow Tires
Gap Width: 4.34mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Finish: Pyramatte ™

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Any Splashes?

Not in the first run but soon to follow.

These colors looks amazing!!

Can’t wait to see the documentary. The summit plays great and I’m glad I got in line when Paul Told us to. My friend and I almost missed out standing in line waiting to do our prelim. I’m sure this will be a yoyo that will be loved by many.

I think they look perfect plain. I find a lot of times the splash kind of washes away how you see the actual
design. The solids really make the design stand out. These look amazing cant wait to pick one up.

Wow! Can’t decide! Yellow, light blue, or light green?

A really cool yoyo. Seems like a performer, too! Mostly, looking forward to the documentary!

Regarding the “too light”… should’ve tried it with heavier SEs! Pre-equipped with ultralights, now there’s nowhere to go but up in weight. But who am I to say?

Orangey goodness!

Awesome news all around. Looking forward to seeing the documentary, and the colors look great!

When is the estimated release of the documentary?

Great news!!! I am very excited for this release!!! fine work indeed!!

One of each please.

for the love of god please do a run in nickel…

Ooo, I want an orange one :slight_smile:

i wish they would let you pick each half like one drop did back in the day on there site.

no halfsies?

I don’t care to get the summit but honestly I love the flat colors they do. A half purple and half pink would be dope!

Looks great! What color snow tires? I hope they are the aqua like some of the pictures I’ve seen.

They are aqua. I need to find someone with a grey one when they are released so I can swap half of my red Summit with them. I would love to have a Summit that is reminiscent of my first ever One Drop, a pewter and red Ohio State themed M1.

I am beginning to lean that way as well. The lines and curves of the yo-yo end up getting hidden behind the finish. I still like splashes and acid washes but they tend to have the same effect that you see when someone gets a spy shot of a new high end car.

Me too.