The Summit .. where are you?

Where where where? When when when is it dropping? Please someone tell me!!! I think I am starting to twitch … I need my fix!!!

CLYWxOD … where art thou?

(and no I am not a lil kid whining … I am a grown *** man whining)

Facebook of OD will tell. 1-2 weeks more :wink: Im so mad im grounded so im not alowwed to buy

You better do something to change that ASAP… Volunteer somewhere, do chores, do your HW…

Do something!!

Yeah, my mom wont budge. I have sales lined up, just have to get permission.

yeah need money to get it also anyone want a mvp 70$ mint? :slight_smile: lol

also what is the price of the summit?


does anyone know the specs for it

Yeah the specs are: one awesome throw

My guess is it will drop on April Fool’s day and OneDrop commented on there picture of the Summit and said they expect to have many runs of this so I wouldn’t worry about missing out on the first run. Well unless they have half red half black available…Then i would worry big time… Anyone want to buy Spyy rRonin with scraped up rims for $50? :wink:

Width: 46.0mm
Weight: 66.75g (with Ultralight Side Effects)
Response: Snow Tires
Bearing: 10 Ball

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thats still too long … >:(

… so is this lil thread turning into : sell your yoyo to buy a Summit?

If so check out my b/s/t … ROFL :smiley:


I know they are not doing halves … but I would probably get a black one …

are you getting a red one?

I would also like a blue/red one.

This is the first CLYW I have wanted in a while. Very upset I cant get one. If someone wants, they could buy me one and Ill pay you bak when I can buy :stuck_out_tongue: ? (Lol)

The Summit is only $115!?!?

I was expecting a much heftier price tag.

These things are going to sell like HOT CAKES.

are you getting a red one?
Yeah I’m getting a red one if I can get the money in time!

Which is probably why they’re going to make a decent amount haha.

I’m definitely going to pick up a black one (eventually). I was hoping that just once we’d get a SE yoyo that would have a perfect weight with spikes, but I guess Ultralights it is.

Any body want to offer on some of my stuff???

Na :p. Sorry!

I so wanted to put spikes in mine.

Spikes make all OD’s look sick.

Spikes make every yoyo look sick. :slight_smile:

Hey, anybody selling their spike SEs? :wink: