Show off your summits thread!


Here is mine.


Purple and green unengraved, I mean how in the world… ???

Comparing the differences in old vs new Jack Rabbit colors.

^^ So sick!

Jackrabbit has to be one of my favorite CLYW colorways. I have to say I prefer the older JR though.

I wish the Summit logo was in black. That would have looked amazing.

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My sentiments exactly.

It almost appears like the JR Summits have flaws in the pink speckles. Kind of a bummer. But she plays nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are a few more shots with its relatives…

Black and Red


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You guys are making me DROOOLLLL…

Same here…

Here’s mine:


that looks so pretty. excellent pic btw

Here’s my Summit on vacation from Las Vegas at my parents’ house, where I grew up, in Summit County, Colorado. Now that this picture is taken off to ski I go! Powder morning!

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That is a GREAT look!!!

Thanks! I loved yours as well!

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this weekend in the hands of juan renteria:

focusfail on best pic here.

with others.

Those are some of the best yoyo pictures I have ever seen… Just WOW…

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