CLYW Arctic Circle vs CLYW Avalanche

Ok so how does the summit compare to the chief?

The chief is floaty, nimble and smooth… Great yoyo…

The Summit is solid, stable and smooth… Great yoyo…

Which do you prefer?

Ok thanks

seriously, it so good and feels amazing and it just looks amazing. I think its nicer than the AC

have an avalanche…i got no complaints about it, it’s good hardware.

summit is overrated, AC is overpriced, chief is even more, although that doesn’t mean they play bad. just go for your favorite color

Will the Ava fit my playstyle? I hear its fast so that’s kinda why I went away from it. Will it play slow and floaty at all?

Ava is a bit more slow and solid, but it can most certainly be pushed to fast at times. The AC is way faster than the Ava.

Right now I’m deciding between the chief Ava and summit. Any opinions?

For your play, go for the Summit
The weigh distribution is perfect for you
It is just as stable, if not more stable than the Ava

It is more floaty than the Chief feel wise, and is a tad slower, but can be pushed to speed.
If its too light, side effects are a wonderful thing.
The Summits feel doesn’t change at all! Which is awesome.
It can be made slower and heavier.

The summit is?

In my opinion, yes
I’ve heard that it is solid, but I beg to differ.
Guess it’s just me?

Ok I think I’ll stick with the summit if that’s true and the only way to know if ill like it is to try it so thanks.

BUT I have one more question. Ava vs summit?

Just HAVE to know the differences in play.

I know someone said they are both stable. But how do they play?

The ava is super rock solid
Stable and pretty fast
And the summit is floaty, more chill and just as stable
Only similarity is Shape

go for the cheapest XD, that or the color work you like best, at this point both yoyo perform really good

Really? I’ve heard it’s really floaty.

Not in my opinion.
It hits the end of the string pretty solidly, Without any float at all