Best clyw sold online?

Majesty is one of my favorite throws. Oh, and why do you have to type the first letter of a word as a capital? ^^^

hey he’s just trying to help out cmon cut him some slack. So should I gets badass majesty or a electric bacon summit

Yeah, I know he is trying to help out, just I have been noticing him type in every post like that, so I had to ask.

On topic- yes! Get the majesty. I should be up to a dozen by now, and with the countless other yoyos I have thrown over the years, it appeals the most to me. Amazing spin time with that classic feel, but has an up to design to tear up the stage.

the CLYW’s look better though… Ugh this is tough

Any other suggestions?

The new Gnarwhal 2 is really great

It just looks nice but it is improper grammer so im trying to break that habbit

I actually ordered a majesty. Last one in badass and they aren’t produced anymore! Now it’s between rally and yeti

Got some more cash, I’m gonna go big or get a couple yoyos. Between one drop and clyw what are some really good ones?

Well Theres the Summit of course

I really enjoy my OD cascade

I really like the CLYW Avalanche as well just keep in mind that it has a narrower shape not to narow just narower

Come on Erik… Don’t bias someone’s opinion when you can’t give a fair opinion yourself.

I have extensively thrown all three… Of them, I prefer the summit. It just fits my style perfectly. Plus I have mine tuned in such a way that they are smoother than any other yoyo I have ever thrown. That being said the majesty is downright amazing, along with the chief. All are within my top favorite throws of all time.

Well sorry

Im not trying to offend anybody

Already have an avalanche. It between the chief, summit, or wooly marmot 2

Nobody here (well, maybe 1 or 2 in secret, but nobody that will respond to this thread) has played a Marmot 2.

Between Chief and Summit, I like the Chief better. The Summit is great, though, and it’s cheaper and more available. So it depends on what your priorities and budget are. :wink:

After playing a canvas for the first time today, i have to say this is one of the best CLYWs, and ive played about 80% of them

I agree a 100%, the Canvas is my favorite CLYW.

I don’t want to buy off the BST though, that’s why I asked for the best one sold online

OD Rally :wink:

have one or did

Anything else