Cliff vs Majesty

Which should I get?

Majesty. They’re awesome.

Since the Chief, CLYW has failed to impress me. Given their recent record, and my experience at throwing this new General-Yo, I would get a Majesty.

Majesty… mine’s still in the mail but I’m sure it will live up to my expectations.


It lives up to it’s name, it’s truly majestic in play and in looks.

Also, if you get one, go with the B adass edition because you get a sweet leather keychain to go with it.

I think I might get the purple mountain

And a B@dass etching! Skull with a crown… so awesome

also, I’m sure they both can outperform any of us, I’m sure it just comes down to preference.

Seriously? I mean, I wasn’t a giant fan of the Glacier Express, but come on: Did you even try the Arctic Circle, the Puffin, or the new Avalanche?

As for the Cliff, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it. Andrew Maider brought it to the Eli Hops Battle recently, and unfortunately I wasn’t there to play it. But my friends who went there said it plays incredibly. Petr showed me the rough sketch of it at worlds, and it looked amazing. Seeing recent photos of it hasn’t changed my mind. I expect the Cliff to be the best CLYW yet.

Ultimately: It’s up to preference. If you’re used to General Yo and you like their style, go for it. I’m sure it won’t disappoint you. Likewise, if you’ve liked anything else that CLYW has put out lately, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the Cliff.

Cliff. General Yo hasn’t impressed me much lately. Their ano has taken a step back with each release it seems. The bright, sparkly, smooth finishes they used to have seem to be gone. The shiny finishes look mediocre, and i don’t like the whole grey+another color look, why not make both halves an interesting color? I liked the KLR splashes they released a small run of, but even those were made less attractive by some really cheesy font work. The Majesty looks ok, but just ok, and the purple mountain or whatever colorway looks like a kid sponge painted it, really not attractive. The Cliffs i’ve seen so far look amazing, the specs are great, the shape is super unique, just not even a comparison imo. I try so hard to hate CLYW because i think their prices are greatly inflated for the work involved, but they’re some of the best throws being released today so i can’t help but enjoy them. General Yo is super overhyped because of some “smoothness” they have, completely ignoring the fact that the shapes on their older throws especially were so basic that it was pretty much impossible for them not to be smooth. The day a company makes a narrow, organic, butterfly-shaped yoyo that isn’t smooth will be an astonishing day because i don’t think it’s happened yet. I’ve owned 2xEntheos, Hatrick, Essence, KLR, and 2xTorrent II and don’t miss them much… But hey most of this is preference and they’ll all sell well, that’s the great thing about options, there’s something for everyone.


The blast on the Majesty and KLR that I own are the smoothest I have ever seen on a Gen-Yo silky smooth… Not as agressive or “chalky” as on the essence that I had… As for comparing these two yoyo’s I do not think it is a fair comparission at all as the specs are WAY off from one to the other. I own a Majesty and it is fantastic… Best Gen-Yo to date bare none… I have had the chance to play a Cliff proto and that too was awesome… Big angular and floaty as floaty can get… They play nothing alike… I say get the Majesty as they are going to be made in less quantities than the Cliff… Based on how the Cliff plays and hype surrounding it I am sure there will be a ton made!!

Just my 2 cents…

if someone offered me a Cliff, or Majesty, i would take the Cliff, no question.

I haven’t had the chance to try a Cliff yet, but I’ve heard some good stuff about it and I really dig the shape and colorways. I’ve always been a HUGE fan of both of these companies since I started yoyo’ing and I enjoy both of their yoyos, but CLYW is more for competition than General-Yo in my opinion. I own a Majesty and love it to death, it’s a spectacular throw, but it’s a bit slower than what I am used to. It’s VERY comfortable in the hand though and smooth. Like everyone else is saying, it’s all about preference though. The Cliff is bigger than the Majesty and is probably faster too. So if you want a yoyo that’s comfortable, fun, smooth, etc., the Majesty is probably better for that. If you want a bigger yoyo, comfortable just not as comfortable as the Majesty, pretty smooth, nice looks, faster, Cliff will probably be the better choice. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with either of them.

Yeah, seriously.

To me, the Arctic Circle is a tippy Chief. It has inferior spin to the Chief and is not appreciably different in size. I honestly do not understand why it was made - other than to generate revenue. The Glacier Express was also super-hyped and ultimately disappointed at $145 a copy. The Puffin? Well, how many are for sale on BST right now, a month after release? Yeah, that one is a real classic from CLYW.

Ever since CLYW started doing this for a living I have seen more throws from CLYW that should never have gotten past the prototype stage. Sadly, I no longer automatically buy from CLYW anymore.

This new Cliff looks like a modified Glacier Express. Nice anodization as usual. But is that why we buy CLYW? I remember when they were awesome throws that ALSO looked good. I guess I should be happy with the pretty ano at $145+ a copy. Maybe it will play good; but as usual we are getting the familiar “I heard it plays awesome” hype-o-grams from the guys up north.

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Just got my General Yo Majesty. After playing it a bit, I can say without a doubt that it is the best yoyo I have ever played.

Get a majesty NOW!!!

Seriously, EVERYONE should own this yoyo. Well, almost everyone.

What do you guys like about it?

Because Zach wanted a signature throw and they came up with it? I had an AC for a short period of time, and liked it, but didn’t love it, but i think it’s about on par with the Chief.

Curious what you didn’t like about the GE? Of all the CLYWs i’ve owned it’s by far my favorite. So absurdly stable. I actually think the fact that GEs languish in the store while Puffins, Gnars, Avas, and Chiefs fly out the door is a big mistake by buyers. Yeah it’s overpriced, like every CLYW lately imo, but when it comes to actual performance it’s great.

Other than the slight undercut the Cliff seems to be different from the GE in every way. If they price it $135-$155 i’ll get one for sure, if they price it like the GE and Puffin, at $145 for a basic acidwash, i’ll have a tough time pressing that order button and probably won’t.

I’m getting the Majesty, simply because i’ve owned 7-8 CLYWs, and one Gen Yo.
Those who get the Cliff will hype the shit out of that, and those who get the Majesty will probably do just the same.

Dead smooth, ridiculously stable and plays nice and fast. It has a solid feel on a throw without being heavy… A quality in a throw that I just love… Plus the blast on the 7075 looks just stunning. The yoyo also feels very good in the hand.