Yes, I agree… Every time I hold a Peak; my Wallet has more Float to it.

Hey, I wouldn’t get a Chief or a Bonfire. And the last CLYW Yoyo I would get, would be a Peak.

I would get either a Newer Sasquatch or wait for the Scout.

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I recieved a bvm2 a few days ago and cannot put it down, it’s a tad slower than all twelve of my other clyws but has this stable flowy feel to it like none of my other throws. I would highly reccomend picking one up on the bst.

see muh man greg knows wazzup! XD

What i’m gonna say is unrelated but in 1 1/2 years or so it’s gonna be peak/clyw’s 10th anniversery! 10 aniversery peak ?

I’ve owned multiples of a lot of CLYW throws, and it is so hard to say which is best, even which is good. From my experience so many of the same model play differently. The most consistently good one for me is the first Puffin.

AC2 is what floats my boat

I have most of them. Besides the original BVM, Campfire and Peak, I just might have the rest of them.

Out of the ones I have, my top 3 are:

  1. Chief
  2. Cliff
  3. BVM2

I just got the Gnarwhal 2 in the mail, so that one is excluded too, just cause I haven’t played with it yet.

Same here! The ac2 is a beast of a yoyo! You can’t go wrong.

I own a FG Avalanche, FG BvM 2, and Bonfire.
Out of the 3 CLYW I have I like the bonfire the most.
I keep on playing with my BvM 2 to see if I do like it more then the others. Changing to a flat bearing helped but I still need more time with it lol.

So for me it goes like this.

1 Bonfire
2 Ava
3 BvM2

Maybe it’s the …no, no , not that one.
Avalanche? Don’t know, haven’t tried it.
Really do like the ano.
Might get a Gnar but a Sas or Puffin would be sweet to try.
Oh, I wish I could remember the name of my favorite.
To bad I can’t try them all.

Hmmmmm…if I could just remember what that one clyw is that I like so much. :wink:

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Puffin 1, Chief, AC, Puffin 2, Cliff, Summit… those are the ones I have tried an own out of them my favorite would have to be…

Puffin 1, Chief, AC, Puffin 2, Cliff, Summit yup that bout sums it up

PUFFIN wins again!

you need to try a BVM its a one of akind throw,when ever you get your hands on one keep it,its completely diffrent then anything else they have ever made b4. you should try one, i have never tried a peak b4 either, the campfire is an awesome throw as well.

there’s no best CLYW. However my favorite is the Bonfire.

There’s no best yoyo :o

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I agree there is no ‘best’ but I have noticed in at least his last few Cabin Tutorials; Jensen is using a Sasquatch.
That doesn’t prove anything; but since no doubt; Jensen has a pretty good selection of CLYW yoyos to choose from; logic would dictate if he chooses a Sas; it must be ‘up there’.

Just a thought

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