Chief or Canvas


Have never played a CLYW in my life, so i’m thinking of getting one, which one is better?


Pretty much any CLYW is great, so I can’t tell you which to get. The odds are high you’re going to love either one.

Your biggest problem won’t be being able to afford it, it will be obtaining it. When the release drops, they sell fast, so you need to be online with 2-3 computers running 2-3 browser sessions each and keep attacking the sales page until you get one that sticks. Use Paypal so you can pay faster than typing in a credit card.

Serious. Every time a CLYW releases these days, it’s a mad frenzy of people buying these online. It’s a crap-shoot.

(Edmeister) #3

I’ve played both. Chief IMO because it’s like a genesis to me :stuck_out_tongue:


the chief plays better if you ask me. but the canvas is more fun.


so the canvas has a unique feeling compared to the chief, but the chief is better?


yeah, pretty much. if you want something that plays pretty much flawlessly though, go for a chief.
But I’m a sucker for unique play. I mean some of my favourites are the jirorian, pacquaio, and noctu.

(laxdude99) #7

both are fricken great but i would get a gnarwhal if i were you


Do both play just as good as each other? Or the chief is better?


i dont know how you like your yoyos but for me i like the cheif better


The chief is more of a competition yoyo, but they both play great.

Whenever I know something is going to sell out fast, I make sure I have my account logged in already, and that I pick one of the colours that I don’t think will be super popular.




Is it a matter of personal preference(like avalanche and sasquatch) or do they both play really differently?


well that’s just opinion. The chief I’d say is definitely more of a competition yoyo. It’s oversized that plays like a smooth floaty undersized.


Leaning towards canvas… Any objections??

(laxdude99) #15

Get it if its still in stock great player but rather round


does it have the same shape or similar shape to the FHZ? or 888?

(laxdude99) #17

I would say its closest to the peak or the DNA


Im just wondering but why do you people spend so much on yoyos? you can get ones way less tat play just as good or better


That is what they all say, but then they become a believer.


totally agree, just wait until you get your first one hundred something throw and you will know :slight_smile:

and back to the topic …