CLYW Canvas

Ok I just saw the Canvas for the first time online today I had never heard of and I was wondering if anybody knew how it played?

Okay ish. Not competition-y…some like it, some hate it…

Okay I’ll probably just go with an Arctic Circle, Avalanche or a Gnarwhal still deciding…


The Canvas is good. But if it is your first CLYW then get a Chief. Notice the period at the end of this sentence. Do not listen to the hype. The Avalanche - the old one - is great. The new one - not so much.

With The Chief, you can’t go wrong. If not new - BST for a mint one.

I don’t have enough for a Chief.

Get an Ava, definitely.

If you can afford an Canvas, you can afford a Chief.

Get a Chief. Serious. I have like, well, a bunch of CLYW’s, and this one stands out to me.


Ava is great too. As far as new vs old? Hmm, tough. They are DIFFERENT. It would be a good alternative.

I agree, Chief.

As stated in the earlier posted thread I love the Canvas. I have 3 now since Blizzard Blue Jay release. As far as old vs. new Avalanche, I really don’t feel there is that big of a difference and the new does NOT suck. It’s amazing and wonderful. The blast/finish is different between how new runs feel and original runs feel, but they play pretty darn similarly and are both great. Everyone is saying Chief, I’m going Avalanche. Quite simply because I just prefer the Avalanche. Old or new, it’s great.

You really can’t go wrong with any CLYW, some people will say the sasquatch/gnarwhal is too heavy or the bassalope’s small bearing leads to snagging but there are always other similar options that take care of those gripes.

My canvas that I’ve had for just over a year now has remained tied as my favorite throw, absolutely amazing balance of stability and a proper weight.

My advice to OP is for you to look at the reviews and try to work out which clyw would suit you best, based on the weight/width-height to whatever is your preference.

I really enjoy the canvas but IMO its a fun to throw super comfy laid back yoyo. Not ment for crazy speed and long combos but the right yoyoer can odviously pull off just about anything on any yoyo. Im probably the only person in the yoyo world that doesn’t like the chief at all. I have owned 4 and none at the same time. Got one dedecided I didn’t like it, sold it, then got another one cause I really wanted to like it but its just not my thing. Weird cause I like the specs but not the throw. Maybe I will like the whale edition though lol there’s hope.

My clyw recommendations are Gnarwhal, LB Bass, A.C or puffin. … honestly the puffin blows the chief out of the water imo. I thought I was gonna be a “fun” yoyo but with no competition value but boy was I wrong. The thing is super stable very fast and a blast to play. Also it feels good in the hand. Best of both words. It is just trial and error finding the yoyo for you. Dont go with what others like go with what feels right to you.

I actually like the new one better (I have both)

I probably did not word that as well as I should have.

It should read:

Do not listen to the hype. The Avalanche - any Avalanche; is a great choice.

Sorry… that one was just careless. :-[