need new YOYO.... Dark Magic???

i just ordered a DM the other day. i didnt want a protostar, they arent appealing to me

i got a dm (first yoyo), hate it, it is not like your first car at all. >:( then i got an axiom soo much better

i cant afford an Axiom. and if i was gonna get an all metal yoyojam yoyo id get the trinity. Andre is the man.

what do you prefer about the Axiom?

i had a dm as first really good yoyo i liked it a bunch its still really good but then last saturday at BLC… i got a red protostar amazing can hit everything i threw at it i recomemend it so much!

well i got the axiom used for $35 so thats a better price than a new one. its pretty small which I like. it also has silicone pads on both sides which i like. huge gap which i love! but its not for a beginner.

if you want a plastic then you can get a protostar. if u want a more responsive plastic then maybe a journey, kickside, etc. (great for beginners). If you want a metal and plastic then i would still recommend the dm but only if you want a metal and plastic. If you want a full metal then maybe a dingo, maybe… because it is cheap but i would rather get a metal of the b/s/t. :slight_smile:

the dm’s half oring half starburst is not that great in my opinion. double oring is better because then you can change it to double silicone. i dont like the half plastic and half metal. but if you think you want it, i recommend getting some silicone, lube and/or spacers. :wink:

hope i helped.

So what you would want is a plastic, dm or maybe if you think you can handle the unresponsive play a protostar. :smiley: