which plastic?

My brother has had some experience with a YYF whip, and now he wants to move up to something with more weight and better spin times. he’s still a noob, but wants to get better. I suggested he get either the YYF Northstar, Protostar, Starlite, or the YYJ Chaser, or Dark Magic II. What do you guys think? Keep in mind all he really knows how to do are the first few tricks in the intermediate section.




Well the Dark Magic 2 is an amazing yoyo. I have played a few and they are great yoyos. Also they come with a slim bearing as well as a standard C-size bearing. They are really stable, durable, made in America. What else could you want?

The Northstar is in my opinion, the best plastic yoyo that YYF will ever make. I have one next to me right now. I use it everyday. They are infamous for having some vibe occasionally but even when the do they perform great. They come with center-track bearings, which is a nice upgrade compared to other yoyos. Also consider, Jensen Kimmitt won the WYYC in 2010 with it.

Both of these yoyos have a great track record. I would use either to compete, because they perform on par with my aluminums. Either of these mentioned above are great. The YYF protostar is the exact shape of a Moethatar, but has a different design in the cup and is a little light. The Starlite is all plastic but basically a protostar. It also glows in the dark.
On th chaser I cannot comment, as I’ve never played one.

I liked the legacy by yoyojam.

I would say North Star for sure.

alright, it’ll be up to him to decide between the northstar and the DM II

All the mentioned choices I have with the exception of the starlight, and for that I have the starbright.

DM2 all the way. It costs more, but it’s great. Swap bearings for a different play personality. Great weight, stability, spin times. It’s what you want.

If you have to fall back due to funds and can bind, Protostar or Northstar are the way to go. Northstar is heavier so it moves slower, which might be better for intermediate players.

I’ll recommend the Dark Magic 2. The metal rims would probably help in grinding once he moves on the other tricks later on.

Personally my favorite is the YYJ Chaser great yoyo and my main throw currently since its stable and fast however grinds arent that great. So like Cinimod i would suggest DM2 so he could try grinding tricks and see if he likes it and move on from there.

I just moved from a Whip to a Protostar. It was a good move. I dont think your friend will go wrong with a protostar or northstar.