YYJ Speed Maker


I wanna try another cheap throw that I could try out… and I wanted to know if any of you recommend the Speed Maker?


Well, what do you have now?

I have the Speed Maker, Lyn Fury, Prelude, Kickside and Legacy II on my want list. Why? Inexpensive and popular throws that people seem to like. I can’t wait for the Legacy II to come in different colors though.

I have a Speeder 2 and I like it. I have a Phenomizm bootleg and I like it and so I can’t wait to get a real Phenomizm and a Phenom. I seem to like the Hiroyuki Suzuki signature models. Obviously, the Speed Maker is deigned for fast play. If that’s what you’re after, this should be an ideal fit. I think the hybrid response should be interesting. That and the adjustable gap me also be interesting.

Other options might be the ONE(with 2 bearings) and the WHIP. But, if you want to stick with YYJ, well, all I can say is I’ve been pleased with what I’ve got from them currently, I don’t expect to be let down with future purchases. Then again, I also like YYF to.

In closing, if this is one you’ve been thinking of, the only issues I want to point out is the adjustable gap and the hybrid resposne. I don’t see either being deal breakers, just things to be aware of.


Well now I have a ONE and a Whip…


Well, why go on the inexpensive route? I’m thinking maybe it’s time for a Protostar, Northstar or a DM2?

Here’s my thought process:
Unlike skates and bikes where you outgrow stuff physically outgrow stuff(my boy more from a 12-inch bike to a 16-inch bike, my girl is outgrowing her 16-inch bike and going to get a 20-inch bike soon), yoyo is similar from the standpoint that sometimes you just need something better.

The Protostar, Northstar and DM2 are all very affordable and reasonably priced and should all last you a good long time. Since you have a Whip, you can bind, so the slim bearing for the DM2 will be swapped out right from the get-go. If the idea is long term saving money, this is the route I’d go as you can avoid cheap ones for a bit. Of course, there are fans who prefer one over the other, especially in regards to the Protostar and the Northstar. I have a Protostar and have just ordered a Northstar. I definitely have a DM2, and it’s my go-to yoyo.

Then again, there’s nothing wrong with the cheap stuff. It’s fun, they work great and they don’t cost a lot, so if you’re tight on the budget, this is the way to go. However, I always recommend that people buy bulk strings and replacement responses when they order. I mean, a $15 yoyo plus $13 in bulk 100-count 100% poly strings and another $2-$5 in replacement responses, PLUS shipping, well, it starts to add up. But hear me out, my though process is I’m ordering a yoyo anyways, so I’m basically getting free shipping on everything else. I also have way more string than I can go through right now for a while at least, so I want to be well stocked. Plus, with 2 kids also throwing, more string is a good thing.

I won’t try to discourage your Speed Maker purchase. As I said, I’m planning to get one myself. But, knowing that it has an adjustable gap, well, I know that I’ll be constantly tweaking that just because I can. Why? That’s just what I do.

So, are you going with an inexpensive throw for budget concerns or you just prefer to not spend too much? I’m just thinking that sometimes spending small leads to larger spending over a larger course of time, which, especially if you’re tight on budget, stretches the budget thin in the long run.

I got my DM2 in June 2011 and I love it. I don’t need to buy more yoyos, but I have the funds and want them in the collection of stuff I’m throwing so it’s OK. But, because of the slim bearing of the DM2 and the spec bearing(regular sized C) means ideally, you can start with it, and use it all the way until advanced, expert and master tricks, killer combos and even compete with it. Talk about a “one size fits all” approach! That $42 yoyo can save you hundreds on other yoyos, should you want to handle things that way.

But again, I don’t know your whole mindset or situation. The Speed Maker I’m sure is a decent low-cost yoyo. I’m positive that if you choose to buy one, you’ll enjoy it tremendously. That’s how I’m hoping I’ll feel about it when I get one.


Studio42, he already has a PGM, and the DM2 is not the only awesome bi-metal.


Well, he didnt’ share he has a PGM, and I don’t trust what people list as their favorite.

And I won’t deny there are other awesome bi-metal throws. I like my Speeder 2 quite a bit as well. But I think based on where he’s going for now, the DM2 is a better fit.


Yeah, it’s like “ooh, I bet people will think i’m cool if I have a c22”.


Yup. True.

I got a Peak. That don’t make me cool. Just makes me having a Peak.

For what a Catch22 costs, I’d rather get some microphones instead.


yea sorry about that, but yea i do have a PGM


No apologies needed. It’s all good.

I have no issues with YYF, or YYJ, or any company for that matter. I just ordered 2 YYF yoyos and I have a ONE, WHIP, PGM, Mighty Flea and a Protostar. I ordered a dv888 and a Northstar.

I also have a bunch of sub-$25 YYJ throws in my sights(as well as some high end stuff). But I digress. I have nothing against a yoyo just because it may be low in price.

What I’m curious about is why the want for an inexpensive yoyo, rather than maybe spending a bit more and getting something that might be considered a bit better?

Again, I have nothing against inexpensive yoyos. I’m buying stuff expensive and inexpensive. Different shapes, features, sizes, weights. Each yoyo is different, which brings something different to experience.


The popstar and JK are my only yyf.


i agree that it would be alot easier to pay a little more for something that’s better but i like trying out inexpensive throws to recommend for beginners


Fair enough. I’m buying some inexpensive ones soon myself. Why? Lots of people have them, so apparently so should I. Shared experience kind of thing. Plus, the more you throw and the more variety you throw, the better.

Get it. I’ll get one soon. The Lyn Fury, Kickside, Speed Maker and Prelude are on my next order, as well as a Go Big. Also planning a Phenom and Phenomizm too.

Also, don’t discount some of the Shinwoo stuff. Great value there too. Techno 2 and Loop come to mind.


I would buy some cheap yyj’s and an fhz, but I don’t think my collection is at the point where I can afford to “waste” mo ey on cheap throws.


It’s not a waste of money if you intend to use them and enjoy them.

A lot of my audio students were wondering why I would buy a pair of ribbon mics, especially since I am a live sound production company. They were thinking they were(are) so nice looking, so expensive, and so not appropriate for a live sound company. They were “what are you gonna use those for” and I said “For guitars”. They were “You’re nuts, you’re gonna destroy them”. I put them in front of guitar cabs, just like I said I would.

Jaws dropped. Mix rocked. Life is good!

Don’t buy to collect. Collect to use. A yoyo is made for one purpose: to be used. A microphone is made to convert moving air into an electrical signal.

Buy it to use it. Cost is irrelevant. Gimme a handful of cheap mics and a cheap mixer and I’ve outdone many seasoned mix engineers. Gimme a handful of cheap yoyos, and well, I’ll put them down since I can only handle one at a time, but I’ll be one happy dude having a good time with a bunch of yoyos. I ain’t gonna put anyone to shame, but I’m still gonna have the most fun I can out of them.

In my case, I buy it to use it. Audio gear, computer gear, data comm gear, video gear, yoyos… I mean, why buy it if you don’t intend to use it?


It’s more that I’m not rich and still haven’t found that 1 yoyo that I would compete with and I’m going to keep looking until I have found it and I doubt that it will be a kickside.


I’m not looking to compete. Not something I want to even consider. However, I’m in agreement that I doubt a Speed Maker or a Kickside is gonna be doing well in a competition.

I’m by no means rich either. I just work super hard and I feel I deserve to treat myself from time to time.


I’m not saying that I want to compete, but you have to understan it takes about 4 months for me to save up enough money for a good metal or a lot of begging.


I hear that. I saved up for 2 years to get the accessories I needed for my wireless mics, and then some band steals that from me. $10K of stuff they can’t use! Screwed my 2008 year corporate gigs, I lost a LOT of income that year. I’m still recovering from it.

Sometimes it’s best to just save and save and save until you have the funds for that “good one” you’ve had your eye on. But I get the other end: what if you hate it…


How do you hate a yoyo?