Once again, DM or Speeder- not the same thing.

I know I’ve already asked this, but my friend recently bought a DM, and I tried it. I’m probably one of the only ones who thinks this, but I didn’t like it at all. Well like 75% not like and 25% like. So, now, I was wondering if I should get the Speeder. I like the shape of it better than the DM; the DM is just too wide for my preference. DM-Not responsive enough, just, a lot of things. ???

First off, if you find that the DM is too unresponsive, the speeder won’t be a big improvement. If you like the Speeder better and all, I don’t see a reason in asking.

I’ve heard that most people don’t like the Speeder. I think it is incredible!

It is prone to cracking, though.

The Speeder can be narrow and tall, while the Dark Magic is fat and normal-sized.

It is well-worth getting one of them, and you’ll like both.

The Speeder is fast and has thin rims.

The Dark Magic is heavy, with big rims.

The Speeder is built for speed, while the Dark Magic is built for grinds.

It really is a topsy-turby decision, but it is all: PREFERENCE! :wink:

I like the Speeder. While most like the Dark Magic, I do to, but Speeder is my thing.

This is a battle like the PGM vs. Legacy.

Now, it is Speeder vs. DM.

Whatever you like. :slight_smile:

If you like the speeder better, get it.

I just have to warn you, its not going to be as smooth as your speedmaker, and will probably be much more vibey.

It also is more unresponsive than the DM.