Got My SpeedMaker

I got my speed maker about 3 weeks ago and it’s going grate! ;D
but it didn’t sleep as long as i thought it would lol but it’s good i am ordering
a dark blue dark magic and i will posting vids on my youtube soon.

Glad to hear that your are enjoying it. :slight_smile:

If the bearing isn’t completly broken in, its not going to sleep as long as one that has been played with for a long time.

P.S. DM’s are beasts of sleepers ;D

If you like the SpeedMaker you could also buy a Speeder instead of a DM.

Hey thanks XD
rolf thats why i want one so badly :o

The DM is quite good if you ask me. So is the speeder. A little less weight on it though and it doesn’t have the inner grind rings like the DM.

Personally I think you should go with the Speeder. The DM is hyped up to kingdom come, and since you started with a Speedmaker you would most likely like Speeder better.

i have never tried any of them but i think it would be a good choice ikf you get both. or you can just go with one. if you go with one then i would think you should get a speeder. because if you have a speedmaker i think you should go with a speeder. but i think that the dm is awesome even though i never tried it

what he said

I got my speedmaker in and wow it feels fast and more “whizzy” than my kickside and DM. This is right out of the box without any thin lube. Perhaps I’ll give my dm and kickside a fresh squirt of thin lube and see what the comparisons are.

I have a speedmaker and it takes whatever combo I want to do.
Bottom line : Dont blame the yoyo

I have a Speedmaker and man it’s really smooth on the throw. Cuts through the air good too.

I think you made a good choice and i hope you like it. Oh and your sleeper should get better over time. ;D

Dark Magic:

Yuuki make that thing look good!

watch mickeys 04, 05 and 06 worlds performances which he won.  Mickey make that thing look REALLY good :stuck_out_tongue: