Dark Magic vs. Grind Machine

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Hi PEEPS! I just wanted to know what you guys (and girls) think is better!!! I like the hubstacks on the GM, the DM is my fav though, and I like it metal rims…

what do you think???

I like grind machine. I don’t really like its hubstacks, but i like its customizable weight. I also like its smoothness, its a lot more smooth than the dm. It’s response is also, in my opinion, better. it has really tight binds, but a really wide gap, while the DM Snags alot for me, and i don’t like its small gap. I also like the smooth sound that the Grind machine makes, but i dont like the ZZZZZZ sound the Dark Magic makes.

So i like the grind machine better 8)


He pretty much hit everything there.

Grind Machine all the way!

But despite all this, I still want a YYE special edition DM lol ;D Thanks for the Thank Samad!