Finally decided what to get!(:

I finally decided what to get! Im getting a DV888 with KonKave bearing and Kitty Strings (nylon, normal, and slim). What do you guys think and what sting would be a better play for it; the slim, normal, or polyester. I also got YYE poly stings.

Normal should be fine. It plays just as fine :] I have yet to try Nylon Kitty String but I’m sure regardless of what you get it’ll be good :smiley:

Really? Well it must be a pretty darn good yoyo. Next yoyo is going to be the 888x :smiley:

888x? Ive never played one, but most people say they aren’t to great… DV888’s are nice.

They’re ok. Don’t really care for it.

Oh really? Dang, I was looking forward to it. Oh well, good thing I had a backup yoyo plan. How about the YYJ Trinity or Axiom? I want a YYJ one next time around $70-$90 with a good spin time, smooth, stable, and it doesn’t matter if it’s undersized or not. Any suggestions?

For me, in that price range, the YYJ Phenomism does it quite nicely. I didn’t pay that much new, but that was before the price jumped. It is a speed machine, it can’t grind very well and the rims are kinda “sharp” as they are thin at the top, so you don’t want to bring that back too fast after a hard throw. It’s also not a yoyo for everyone. The shape, being all V and all catch zone, some people just don’t like. I do like it. In my opinion, this is one of those “if you can, you want to try before you buy” yoyos.

I hear mixed things about the Trinity, so I’m not sure if I want to get that. I suppose if the right deal goes up on BST I might jump on it.

If you’re into undersized, the YYF Eneme fits in there. I will warn you that it’s a yoyo with a bit of attitude, but let me explain. The way this is shaped and designed, if you throw it bad, you’re not going to do too well. If you throw it good, it rewards you with long spins, stability and excellent play. It’s an amazing yoyo that forces you to improve your game. However, you can get the same thing in the XCon Pro for less money.

Not to distract, but the RecRev Sharp Facade is really sweet. A friend recently got a B-grade at BAC, I wish I got one too now. I like the color, like the shape, like how it places and the price is pretty nice.

I’ve heard good things about RecRev, I really wish they kept selling RecRev Oscillatrix because they look really nice and seem to play well. Never got one though /:
What have you heard about the YYF Monster & SuperWide?

As for wide width yoyos, I’d advise you to stay away from those for a while if you’re just starting out and [assuming] that you’re transitioning from plastic to metal. Get something that will suit your style and is an all-around throw. :]
I can’t think of names right now though…

Dv888 is really smooth