which yyf yoyo is better in your preference!

so which one is better

Sadly, i only have 2 yyfs, fast 201 and velocity.

I would say 888. I am hoping you don’t take our votes and apply it to you, or else you will probably end up with a yoyo you will not be happy with :-\

that is a tough one.
I have one of each, and I have to tell you it is all about what mood I am in.

which is the smoothest

I really want a DNA.

G5!!! I like the stripped one on YYN.

We are talking about YYF metals. From what I’ve heard, they are all dead smooth.

DNA,or skyline

ive tried all other yyfs and the skyline is THE BEST!!! :o

ive got an 888 and a superstar and they are both amazing. I throw the 888 more but I cant say that it is any better than my superstar. I got a skyline on the way, I’ll post what I think when it gets here.

888all the way

man i cant decide between an 888 or skyline…i love undersize yoyos

I love my Chico yoyo nationals 888!!!

keep spinning


888 is a better it has a better shape and design

in your preference that is,I like the DNA and skyline way more than the 888,but thats me.please dont ay ‘its better’ a more appropriate thing to say would be ‘in my preference’. :wink:

i would say the 888, but this is only my Preference, im not saying this is the best

hey is skyline undersize?

Yes. It also has a Semi-H shape which you can probaly tell by looking at it…I want one lol :smiley: