which yyf yoyo is better in your preference!

(Ryan) #1

so which one is better


Sadly, i only have 2 yyfs, fast 201 and velocity.


I would say 888. I am hoping you don’t take our votes and apply it to you, or else you will probably end up with a yoyo you will not be happy with :-\

(Chris Allen) #4

that is a tough one.
I have one of each, and I have to tell you it is all about what mood I am in.

(JDrocks!) #5

which is the smoothest

(Mark) #6

I really want a DNA.

(system) #7

G5!!! I like the stripped one on YYN.

(JonasK) #8

We are talking about YYF metals. From what I’ve heard, they are all dead smooth.


DNA,or skyline

(Jerry) #10

ive tried all other yyfs and the skyline is THE BEST!!! :o


ive got an 888 and a superstar and they are both amazing. I throw the 888 more but I cant say that it is any better than my superstar. I got a skyline on the way, I’ll post what I think when it gets here.


[quote] which yyf yoyo is better in your preference!


888all the way

(Ryan) #14

man i cant decide between an 888 or skyline…i love undersize yoyos

(yokaiyo) #15

I love my Chico yoyo nationals 888!!!

keep spinning



888 is a better it has a better shape and design


in your preference that is,I like the DNA and skyline way more than the 888,but thats me.please dont ay ‘its better’ a more appropriate thing to say would be ‘in my preference’. :wink:

(Derek) #18

i would say the 888, but this is only my Preference, im not saying this is the best

(Ryan) #19

hey is skyline undersize?

(Connor) #20

Yes. It also has a Semi-H shape which you can probaly tell by looking at it…I want one lol :smiley: