YYF 888 or YYF DV888 or General-Yo Hatrick or General-Yo 5-Star?

Which yoyo is better? I perfer a yoyo about the size of a Skyline, but it doesnt matter. whichever one is better

None of them is ‘better’. They all have different shapes, sizes, and weights. That only makes them different but not better. Not to mention that Player 1 likes heavy yo-yos and Player 2 likes lighter yo-yos. Which is better in that case? Player 1 may say a Superstar, but Player 2 may say a Skyline. Neither are actually better, they just are different and fit different preferences.

If you want my preference, then I like the Dv888 more than the 888. If you want my preference again, id take the Hatrick over the 5*. This thread is kinda useless if thats not what you want, because I cant tell you which one you will like the most. Everyone here likes all these yoyos, but everyone will like 1 of them the most. How will that help you make a decision? I think your better off staring at all these yoyos and randomly picking one if you have no preference. BUT, if you do have preferences, then pick the one that fits your preference the most…duh… Which is better is preference.

BUT if you just want to see which one people like the most in their opinion, then say that, dont ask which one is better, because you will get an obnoxious (its all preference…duhhhh) answer from most people on this board.