Pleeeeeeeease help!!!!!!

okay so the thing is that theirs so many yoyos I’m considering it wouldn’t fit in the subject box ;D
dv888 vs frantic vs hectic vs tactic vs lunatic vs BOSS vs genesis vs severe. WOW!!!

i will rate how important the stat is to me on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being it doesn’t matter i just prefer that, 5 being it must be like that


response:dead unresponsive-5
response system:any thing but hybrid-2.5
shape:like dv888-2.5
just because i said i liked the shape of the dv888 doesn’t mean that’s the right choice for me
not saying i don’t like the dv888 just saying that the shape is a (2.5)

All the shapes are different… What kind of shape do you like?
Flat rims, H-shaped, rounded rims etc.

i prefer if you were to look at dv888’s shape its perfect but id only rate the shape a-2.5

I think you should get the Dv888. All of these throws are AMAZING. Great for there price.
The Dv888 has
-K-pads, which can be replaced w/ RTV or Flowable sili.
-Good grinding surface, good looking anno.
-Slightly undersized, but wide, and huge in play
-Suicides and slacks are good on this yoyo; Huge gap for catching the string on various tricks.

All of these throws are amazing. Though I reccomend the Dv888.
Any of these throws would be a steal. YOu will be happy with what you guy.

Hope this helps dude,


ived heard that dv888 was the worst of the options posted,
plus i already have a dv888 i was just comparing

Just pick one. If you don’t like it someone will trade you for something you like. Also why are you limiting yourself to YYF? There are so many great brands out there.

Yeah, really. Look at Big Brother, YYJ, potentially Razor, SPYY, yoyocreation, Duncan, etc. The list goes on.

Then go with that.

the reason i limited my self to YYF is because they have some of the best yoyos and a fairly cheap price. Also i only listed dv888 because i was doing a comparison, i already have the dv888

Don’t limit yourself to YYF. Other yoyos are just as great, if not greater.

Your missing out on a lot then.

The beautiful thing about today’s yo-yos is that they are all great choices. Really. They are amazing. You could blindfold yourself and point at one at random and still never go wrong. Get whatever one makes you giggle when you see it, ha.