I'm confused??!!

this is about what my level is. I have already learnt all the tricks on the website. I like all size yoyos. My style is sorta half JD and half yuuki spencer. can any1 plse help?

They will all play good.
But it’s hard to tell, because you like all sizes, but about the shape?

yea i know, its hard for me too. I just need a yoyo that I can trust for competitions and learning new tricks with.

definitely not the mighty flea

lol, yah not the mighty flea. Tell us some of your preferences, that helps us soooo much. And don’t say you don’t have preferences because you are already pretty experienced.

There are a ton of Dv888 fanboys here, I would go for that.

well. not good.

grammar nazi strikes again.

but anyways, i would recommend going for the most average of all sizes, weights, shapes, ect. and see what you would like to change. if you feel it is light, then look for a more heavier throw. if it feels too small, than grab an oversized.

I have the dv888 and hitman. They are both very smooth but the dv888 is just a little smoother. I always come back to my hitman however because it does all my tricks. Also the metals will have a better grinding surface than the hitman. I think the dv888 has solid feel to it. If I were you I would go for the dv888 or the genesis.

I agree ;D

I think the Primo is the yoyo to go with. It’s very good, long sleeping, perfect balance and very smooth. I highly recommend one and I think they are very good for their price.

so what do you think would be better? dv888 or genisis?

the problem is that I like everything but I just need a yoyo that is long spinning, stable, smooth and low string wear. And why not the mighty flea?? ???

Primo is the yoyo ^^
it has a shape that is almost like skyline .
if i were u,i would go for primo

is primo smooth to grind with?

Sorry for the grammatical errors.
I think the Primo would be good and smooth for grinds.

it is way too small to use comfortably

that is not a problem. i am just your average forum grammar nazi.

the problem is that all yoyos today have long spin times, balenced, stable throws, smooth, and has little string wear (besides starburst). H shaped like g5 spins longest, while the rounded 888 shape is very smooth and forgiving on bad throws. starline and primo are right in between. all grind well.

you should also look into other companies. Baysick looks well… sick. i never had an Hspin, but you should try it.