New throw


First can someone post the list of yoyo preferances.


weight, shape, size, color, play style, whether you like to mod


well really I don’t think preferences matter unless their is something you totally hate…(for me thats star bursts) I suggest trying new things find new yoyos that you love even if they don’t match your preferences…

look at me for example. never wanted an undersized yo yo and I’m buying a mini star tomorrow!!!

But if you had to make a list…

5.skill level


2.shape/feel: ???
4.responce:888 pad
5.skill levelexpert
6.price 50 to 70


Well i dont own this yoyo, i’ve read lost of reviews about it and i am planning to purchase it. A dv888 will match those stats you wanted. I heard this yoyo is beast, plays super smooth.
get it now and it is $20 off.


yeah get a dv888


I have a dv888


maybe try the protege