i need a new yoyo

i need a new yoyo but there are so many i dont know what to get.
all medal


well what are your preferences? a good one thats at a good price right now is the dv888 ;D

ya i have a xconvict so i was considering the enemy. but i hear that the 888 is a good one. and the dv is on sale.

do any of these sound good?

what are your preferences?

If you answer these questions it will make it sooooooo much easier for us to pick the right choice for you.

what size do you prefer?
what shape do you prefer? (don’t just say butter fly, these shapes> )-( D-C are definitely different, but there both butter fly.
what weight do you prefer?
what play style do you like? (fast, smooth, tech, etc.)
is grinding important?
Does color matter?
do you like to mod it, or keep it the way it is?

Pleeeeease answer these questions so we can help you even better.

well im not 100% shure. i have only tryed one (X-convict)…

size-2" by 1.5" at least
shape-dont know…
weight-heavy 60g-75g(ish)
cant grind…yet
yes, i dont like gay colers. (silver, black ect. are good.)
no i dont mod

trying to help but dont know mutch…

can i suggest the YYF BOSS? it would fit very nicely. :slight_smile: you also may want to look into the protege.

because you dont have many preferences a dv88 would be good. its cheap, and if you dont like it you can trade it

Boss and protégé both look good, but nether have hub stacks is that something I need??

no hub stacks are not needed. infact lots of people stop liking them after a couple of weeks and some people say that is makes the yoyo less stable. not everyone but some. and i am told that they arent used for comp. much only for fun

It also adds weight, making the yoyo a little slower IMO.
Most of the YYF fundametals play very well, and the beastly DV888 is on sale.

$85-boss-price is a bit high
$65-potege-looks good i think best out of the three
$45-dv888-also looks good

i guess the hard part is up to me…
but, im just curious what would you pick?
Thanks for all the help!

dv888 for sure (because i am paying)

id pick protege (already have one). it plays great and has a nice price


thanks for all the help i have chosen the DV888.

;D just got my dv in the mail and it is so cool! ;D
;D definatly a good deal. ;D